Pace Explains EMU Choice

Detroit Cass Tech (Mich.) senior cornerback Daquan Pace commits to Eastern Michigan and explained why he wanted to become an Eagle.

Detroit Cass Tech has a secondary, and a team which is loaded with talent, and one of the players the coaching staff had always said was underrated is senior cornerback Daquan Pace.

It took a little longer for the 5'10, 170-lb cover man to receive his first offer, but it was the right school, and the right situation, so Pace jumped on the offer and committed to Eastern Michigan over the weekend.

"It feels great," he said. "I took lot of visits to Eastern, watched practice, been to a few games, and the environment was fantastic. It was a place I could play for four more years."

He also felt comfortable with Ron English being the man he played for for those four years.

"Coach English was a very nice guy. He seemed like the coaches who coached me all my life. I felt like I already knew him I before I talked to him, and then once I started talking, I knew it was the right fit."

Another part of that fit is the immediate opportunity Pace will have to earn playing time.

"They told me I would come in and start competing for a spot. They need corners, so I know I'm competing for a spot."

Having shared the secondary with several other future college players, and having covered future college players in practice and games, Pace feels he will be better prepared for the challenges of the college level.

"At Cass, everyone is good, so the competition level is very high, and it only makes you better. I feel like it gives anyone who comes from Cass an upper hand. You won't see competition like this anywhere else."

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