O-Lineman Dwayne Brown Talks Commitment

Warren Central senior offensive lineman Dwayne Brown committed to the Eagles' last week. Brown discusses his commitment to Eastern Michigan and more in a inclusive Q & A with Managing Editor Josh Newkirk below.

Dwayne Brown profile

Josh Newkirk: How did the commitment to Eastern Michigan take place?

Dwayne Brown: "We'll I had been talking to coach (Mike) Hart for a long time, since last spring. He asked me to take a visit. When I got there I liked it a lot. I liked how it was in between the big cities of Ann Arbor and Detroit. If you wanted to go do anything or need to go get anything, you can go either city, I just liked the players. I talked a lot with Brogan Roback and Josh Bass and some of the other recruits. It was just something I liked. I can see myself playing there."

Josh Newkirk: A lot of Freshman offensive lineman tend to redshirt their freshman year. Is that something you are prepared to do next season

Dwayne Brown: "If I have to then I will. But I'm preparing myself to not have to redshirt."

Josh Newkirk: If you were to scout yourself in the stands, how would you describe yourself as a player?

Dwayne Brown: "I am a tackle. I like to attack you. My pass protection is okay. But I would much rather go run block and attack people and get after people. Just finish people. I like to do that."

Josh Newkirk: How did senior season workout for you this year? Talk about yourself individually on the field.

Dwayne Brown: "I feel like I improved every game. I went against a lot of Division-1 prospects in games and practice every day. My game got a lot better every day. I drop some weight this year so I can move better. I played guard and tackle. I played all five line positions in high school. I would go through games and just guard and go through games where I just played tackle."

Josh Newkirk: Is there a preferred position on the line?

Dwayne Brown: "Whatever will get me on the field quicker."

Josh Newkirk: What is your current height and weight?

Dwayne Brown: "I am 6-foot-3, 315-punds."

Josh Newkirk: Was the relationships you were able to build on your visit, were they some of major factors in your commitment to EMU?

Dwayne Brown: "Yes, I know they went 2-10 last year. But I feel like some of the players they're bringing in like Brogan (Roback), Josh Bass and some of the kids I face in Indianapolis. I lost to Deshai Powell to end my high school career. So I knew they were bringing in some players I could play with in college that were going to be good."

Josh Newkirk: < Despite EMU's 2-10 record last season, do you see talent on this team to become a winner in the future?

Dwayne Brown: "Yes, and another thing, I could see the administration was behind the football team. They want the team to get better and they want them to win. So usually when that happens and you got a good coach—like coach (Ron) English—He's been with Michigan for a bit and he's been with some prestigious programs. He usually turns it around and then you get players. Then you get your hands on the recruits that you want and the guys that fit your system. Then you're usually pretty good."

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