Fairfield vs Niagara Preview

Fairfield will be looking to win their 3rd straight game on Sunday playing Niagara at the Arena at Harbor Yards. The Stags (7-12) will be looking to go 6-4 in the MAAC and tie Niagara for 5th place. Niagara is currently tied for 4th in MAAC with a 6-3 record and is 12-6 overall.

Niagara has lost 2 of their last 3 games, and slipped from 1st place to 4th. They are one of the top offensive teams in the MAAC, but are shooting only 39% from the field, last in the MAAC. Their up-tempo pace along with getting to the FT line is the reason for their offensive firepower.

Senior Charron Fisher is a 6-4 power forward who is one of the leading scorers in Division I at 27ppg, but he shoots only 37.6% from the field. He attempts over 21 shots a game, but his real value is that he gets to the FT line over 10 times a game, connecting on 80%.

The rest of the Purple Eagles line-up is unique in that they play 3 guards that are all around 6-0.

Sophomore Tyrone Lewis is their 2nd leading scorer at 15.8ppg. And like Fisher, he can get to the FT line with aggresive and quick drives to the hoop.

Stanly Hodge is an experienced senior averaging 12.1ppg and has point guard skills, but he is not their only point guard on the floor.

Their point guard is freshman Anthony Nelson who leads the team in assists at 5.5 per game and scores 6.7ppg. All 3 guards are extremely quick.

At center is 6-10 junior Benson Egemonye. His long arms are effective getting 7.4rpg and 30 blocks. He is also scoring at 8.7ppg.

This game will be all about Niagara's quickness and use of 3 guards along with a 6-4 forward (Fisher) who will handle the ball a lot. The Stags ability to defend a quicker/shorter team that can still rebound (Fisher averages 9.1rpg) will be the story line of this game.

Niagara likes to take a lot of 3-pointers where they only shoot 32%. The Stags have to make them miss, as Niagara will likely continue to shoot them.

The Stags will have to take advantage of their taller line-up by controlling the boards. However, if a lot of 3-pointers are attempted, then quickness will be a key to getting the long rebounds.

Niagara also like to push the tempo and will likely press the Fairfield guards. The Stags will likely try to control the tempo and look for good shots. Tempo could be a key to this game