Interview with FGCU signee Reggie Reid

Reggie Reid is putting together another fantastic campaign to cap off his high school career at Harlem. The 6-foot-0 point guard is dominating in every facet of the game, averaging 25.1 points, 8.7 assists, 9.7 rebounds and 3.6 steals a game. At the same time, he has led his Harlem Bulldogs to a 15-3 record and a 175th ranking in the state of Georgia.

I had the opportunity to ask Reggie a few questions about this season and and his future as an Eagle.

Sterling Thomas: What was it that put FGCU over the top for you in terms of recruiting?

Reggie Reid: I felt like family and that it was a great fit for me. I've made relationships with the coaching staff, and also it was my first D1 offer. They've been with me through it all, ever since I went to Florida and came back. Also they never gave up on me recruiting wise and just being there for me in general.

ST: You left Georgia for a year to go to Elev8 Sports Academy, how did that help you grow both on and off the basketball court?

RR: It made me realize that you have to be in the gym 24/7 and that greatness is consistency. It also helped me be more responsible and raised my basketball IQ on and off the court. Then, that character and the way you carry yourself is very important to the environment you're surrounded by.

ST: With your senior season winding down, do you have any goals before the year ends and you are off to FGCU?

RR: Just to keep improving as a player and student. Along with bettering myself as a person on and off the court.

ST: Both Brett and Bernard are graduating this season, obviously that leaves a big hole in the backcourt. Where do you see yourself fitting in on next year’s team?

RR: I think spots are up for grabs so just to come in and be competitive. Hopefully to start as a freshman, but wherever he puts me I'll be happy to work for it.

ST: Have you been communicating with any of your future teammates, if so who do you feel like you have the tightest relationship with?

RR: Yeah, I'm in a group message with Rayjon Tucker and Elijah Long. We check in with each other and see how we're doing basketball wise and in general. I probably have the tightest relationship with Khalil Fuller because we went to Elev8 together and it just carried over. (editor's note: Fuller is 6-foot-7 2015 center who visited FGCU for the season opener against Nova Southeastern)

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