Road To The Pros - Brett Comer: Agent, PIT

The Eagles' all-time assist leader is embarking on what looks to be a very promising professional career.

Throughout his transition to the professional level, FGCU Eagles point guard Brett Comer will be keeping you up-to-date on his Road To The Pros with exclusive interviews here at the

(So just take me through the process of how you found your agent, Roger Montgomery?)

"First, you get called by about every single agent that may know you very well throughout your career and some that have no clue about you. Obviously, I had the connection with Roger Montgomery through Langston Hall. He’s a guy I’ve talked to throughout the year about his season in Italy and he was asking about my season here. I got the invitation to Portsmouth. I think that really picked up more interest from more agents and Roger himself. And then Langston told me all the great things about Roger, his situation, and his contract. Coach Fly helped kind of manage all the agents, and he talked to Roger and his assistant Dexter. Fly also called around the NBA and asked what they’ve heard about Roger Montgomery, and it was nothing but good things. I was comfortable with it and thought it was a good fit."

(Then you competed in the Portsmouth Invitational. What was your first reaction when you got the invite?)

"I was excited because at first a lot of the agents calling were asking if I got the invitation to Portsmouth. And I was like ‘no, I haven’t gotten it yet.’ So I kind of felt it was hurting me that I didn’t get the invite. I got a call a couple days after saying look in your email, you should have gotten the invite already. When I got there, I was excited. I kind of wanted to prove to everybody that just because I played in the Atlantic Sun, doesn’t mean anything - I can still compete."

(Take me through the tournament, your first experience with pro scouts and agents in that type of environment?)

“It kind of felt like how you play AAU basketball to get recruited by college coaches. It was almost like a higher level, more competitive AAU game in front of NBA and international scouts, and agents. Luckily for me I didn’t have to deal with as much agent stuff because my agents were there, and I hung out with them when I had down time during the week. I thought it was a good event, maybe not the best for me in the fact that I’m a pass first point guard. So as soon as you do pass that thing away, it’s pretty much going up by that player. My teammates got a long really well so I wasn’t mad about that."

(Your team finished with a 2-1 record. How do you think you did in those games? I was watching and saw your knee was bothering you a bit.)

"For me, honestly I think I did what I needed to do. I proved that I can shoot the ball from three. I made open shots, and didn’t turn the ball over. I think that was a huge because of the reputation we got with the whole Dunk City thing: me kind of having to make plays and that I do turn the ball over. That’s something I really didn’t do there [PIT]. I think I showed I could play in a half court system, and having guards pressuring me full court. I think I proved I can play and compete with these guys. The other thing is, I showed my size. Most of the point guards I played against - the smallest guy was 5’5" all the way to 5’11". I was one of the bigger point guards out there so that helped me also."

(I saw you’re going to San Antonio to work with fellow Montgomery guys, how are you preparing in the mean time before you go there?)

"I’m leaving Monday for San Antonio. In my 2nd game I sprained my MCL so I had to sit out a week - which is basically the week going into San Antonio. So I’m just relaxing right now and getting my knee right."

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