Scout's Take: Brett Comer

Hear from a professional scout with years of experience at the NBA level.

I had the opportunity to speak with Ryan Blake, Senior Director of NBA Scouting Operations, about Brett Comer's showing at the PIT and chances at the next level. Blake, in addition to his work at the NBA, is involved with organizing and planning the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament.

Liam Jones: Brett played with the Norfolk Sports Club at the PIT. What did you see out of him? It might not be a perfect place for a pass-first point guard like himself?

Ryan Blake: Here's the thing. When I talk to the players, you play to win. And the one thing you want to do is do exactly that. And that's what he did. Our NBA scouts, they've seen him. They've had more than three years to see him. They know his ability. One of the intangibles that you can get and that you saw from him is exactly what he was doing; he was defending, passing, screening, spacing. A lot of times on his team, they didn't comply with what he was trying to do. And it's hard to do in a quick setting. That resume did well with us. He's gonna get opportunities. He had his opportunities, he took them and did well.

LJ: A mid-major prospect, like Brett; what do you see his chances looking like - not only from what he's shown at Portsmouth but also over the years - in terms of NBA workouts and Summer League?

RB: He'll get his opportunities. He'll get individual workouts and I really see him getting on a summer league team. There's gonna be three summer leagues this year. There's going to be one in Utah this year...they're will be plenty of competition.

LJ: This might be a little difficult, but do you see any possible NBA comparisons to Brett?

RB: That is kind of difficult. He loves the transition. I see a little C.J. Watson and I see a little Chris Quinn, the kid from Notre Dame a few years back that played with Miami. You could throw a little Jeremy Lin in there as well. Almost even a Langston Galloway, you throw little traits in there like that.

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