Interview With Christophe Varidel

The FGCU Eagles Nest recently sat down with former FGCU sharpshooter Christophe Varidel to discuss his time as an Eagle, his Swiss national team debut, and everything in between.

Liam Jones: Do you still keep in touch with coaches and players from FGCU?

Christophe Varidel: Yeah, actually. I talked to Coach Marty, he just got a new job. I always was pretty close with Sherwood Brown and Filip Cvjeticanin. And Chase Fieler, I have him on the phone sometimes.

LJ: You went to Chaminade after FGCU and were out with an injury for a bit, just take me through what it was like playing there?

CV: It was paradise. It was beautiful. I was in a small school and I really liked the atmosphere. I love my coach. I was really sad to not have been able to play for them. Transferring from there was not a good idea.

LJ: Then you transferred to Alabama but weren't able to play. How tough is it to sit out and wait to get back out on the court?

CV: The tough thing was, I chose Alabama because I thought and they made me believe that it was the best place for athletic trainers and doctor wise. I had a small injury that kept me out for five months and when they had no idea how to cure it, they kicked me off the team. That's when I went to Switzerland, I completely left school. Seeing my doctors here, I got back on the court in about four weeks. I had a tough time off the court because I knew I didn't have anything bad but they had no idea how to get me back on the court. I came back in October and I was still on scholarship and finished my classes. Then I went back for the 2nd semester and I couldn't do it over there so I just signed a contract here in March.

LJ: How was you first year pro with the Lugano Tigers?

CV: It was pretty cool because the team was a bunch of veterans so they were really cool. Nobody was selfish on the team. It was definitely a good experience. We actually won the Swiss Cup and then lost in the semifinals of the league.

LJ: You recently made your Swiss national team debut. What did it mean to compete for your country and put on the uniform?

CV: It was pretty cool because they have been calling me for a few years now and I never went. Sometimes because I was a bit injured and sometimes because I had summer school. Finally I was able to go so the coach was very happy and I was very happy to experience that and play for my country with the seniors.

LJ: How is the surfing/paddle-boarding here in Switzerland. I imagine it was little better over in Hawaii?

CV: Hawaii was the paradise. All I did was surf all the time. Here it's not as good, but I just got back from Bali. I was there for three weeks and surfed a lot over there.

LJ: What is next for you in the upcoming season?

CV: I just signed with Massagno, it's a team in the Italian part. They have pretty big ambitions so it should be pretty interesting. I'm also going to take Italian classes to learn the language since it's the Italian part of Switzerland. I'll probably get a part time job to get experience in the real world.


•In three friendlies with the Swiss national team debut, Varidel recorded 8 points (Belgium), 0 points (Italy), and 7 points (Germany).

•He poured in 31 points as Sam Basket Massagno fell just short against Georgetown, 76-73, in the Hoyas' final game of their overseas trip.

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