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Meet the Eagles: FGCU freshman walk-on Dolan Mahoney

As a freshman walk-on, Dolan Mahoney will look to push his teammates in practice and push himself to compete as hard as he can regardless of his role on the court.

Dolan Mahoney's life revolves around basketball. He grew up around the game, and it runs in his bloodstream. The first word that came out of his infant mouth was "ball". Needless to say, giving up basketball in college wasn't an option. In fact, in his eyes, the only option for him was to play Division 1 basketball. 

"My whole life was surrounded by basketball," Mahoney said. "It's part of my family. It's what I love. It's part of me."

Mahoney is a native of Bradenton, FL, where he attended the IMG Academy, a private high school and athletic training institution that pumps out world class athletes every year. Jimmy Butler, Glen Davis, and Iman Shumpert are just a few examples of alumni currently enjoying success in the NBA. Among others, FGCU guard Brian Greene Jr. attended the IMG Academy. Mahoney's father, John, is also a coach at the school, and helps out with their Post-Graduate teams. 

At the IMG Academy, Mahoney was used to playing a large role as a part of their backcourt. Now a walk-on freshman at FGCU, he is prepared for a different type of role. For him, there's no denying that cracking the roation seems unlikely this season. That hasn't dampened his spirits, though. He knows that even if he doesn't get to make his presence known on the court, he can still produce in other ways. In the classroom, he wants to perform at the highest ability he's capable of so he can help to elevate the team GPA. In practices, he wants to be known as a hustle guy who pushes his teammates to get better.

"I've got to work as hard as I can in practice to make everyone else better, like taking charges and doing the hustle stuff" he said.

Coming out of high school, he had the opportunity to play on scholarship at various Division 2 schools. However, his goal was to go to the biggest Division 1 program he could possibly play at. If he didn't get any offers, he was going to attend FGCU anyway. Thankfully, for him, the coaching staff offered him the opportunity to walk on.

"I had no offers whatsoever," Mahoney said. "Division 2 wasn't a thing. I wanted to go Division 1 as much as I could. Like I said, as high as I can, and if I didn't get any Divsion 1 places to go, I was coming here regardless."

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