JUCO wing Dinero Mercurius discusses recruitment

The sharp-shooting Florida product recaps his visit to FGCU and updates his current recruitment.

Dinero Mercurius, a 6-foot-4 guard with long range prowess and D-I experience, is one of the more intriguing prospects at the JUCO level. Averaging 17.8 points per game while shooting 38.2% from three, Mercurius led Daytona State College to a 25-7 record this past season.

"The stereotype of JUCO is not what people make it seem. For me, personally, I learned how to be a better teammate," Mercurius told Scout. "That’s one thing that people misunderstand and don’t really know how to do nowadays - really appreciate someone else’s success."

Prior to his time with the Falcons, Mercurius played his freshman season at South Florida and also spent time at Texas Rio Grande Valley. He's now heading backing up to the D-I level and looking for the right fit.

"My thing is it’s gotta be bigger than just basketball. I’m a relationship kind of guy. As long as I feel comfortable and I trust the coaching staff, it doesn’t really matter where it’s at," Mercurius said.

Last weekend the versatile guard took an official visit to Florida Gulf Coast, exploring the campus and meeting with the coaching staff.

"They want me to come in and really provide that outside part of the team as far as shooting and guarding," Mercurius said. "And also creating plays for others, making it easier among players like Zach Johnson, Brandon Goodwin, and Christian Terrell. Really trying to play around those guys and also win while we’re doing it.”

Adding Mercurius to this strong core would be an enormous step in making it back to March Madness for a third straight season.

"Since personally throughout my career I haven’t in the NCAA Tournament, that’s definitely a goal of mine," Mercurius said, "Not only to play, but also to win throughout the tournament."

With #DunkCity fresh in his mind, Mercurius will now take two more visits: Murray State and Fordham. Following his visits, he plans to think it over and make a decision shortly there after.

"I just want to be able to give everyone a chance and enjoy the process," Mercurius said.

At whichever schools he chooses, Mercurius will have two years of eligibility remaining and can start playing right away.

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