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Hawthorne's Cornelius Ingram will be one top-rated prep quarterbacks in the country this year. So far college teams from across the country have been drooling over his football and basketball talent. Yesterday, The Territory caught up with him at his school to find out how his recruitment is going. Click here to read more.

Ingram, a 6-foot-5 and 207 pound athlete, wants to play both football and basketball in college and he's anxious to get it started.

"I want to get there as soon as I can," Ingram, who was selected to the second team all-state as a junior, said. "I feel I can get out there and compete with all of the other guys. I definitely want to go out there and play."

What will be some of the factors that Ingram will look before choosing a school?

"The depth situation is really what I'll be looking into the most," Ingram said. "I'll have to see what schools have a lot of quarterbacks before me so I can evaluate my situation. I don't want to get there and wait on those guys in front of me and watch my future pass me by. I might have to wait on my senior year to play. I want to get out there and make something happen."

Ingram has an idea of some schools that he'll take a hard look at this year. He's looking for the ideal football/basketball situation.

"I'm looking at Florida State, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky," he said. "All of those schools have good programs in both football and basketball so I know won't have a problem with it. Florida State and North Carolina allow their athletes to play two sports in college. Tennessee has sent me a book showing that players from there play both sports. It's been done so I'm pretty sure they will let me do it."

Ingram admitted that he grew up a fan of Florida State which quite unusual because the city of Hawthorne is practically located in the University of Florida's back yard.

This year, Ingram will attend the Florida Nike camp in addition to the Florida and Florida State team football camps. The University of Miami has also extended an offer for him to attend their summer football camp.

The Hawthorne native won't be in a rush to make a fast decision.

"Most likely I will wait," he said "I don't want to make a bad decision. It's the biggest decision in my life so I don't want to rush off and commit to some team early. I think I'm going to wait on my visits first."

Ingram, who considers his strengths to be his scrambling ability and strong arm, is working hard on the little things to be a top-notch college quarterback.

"Coach has been working with me," he said. "He sits down with me and we break down film together. I know in my freshman and sophomore years I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to film. I just went out there and played. I didn't read the defenses. But you know coach sat me down my junior year and we started to look at a lot of film and he showed me how to recognize things on the field. He basically helped me out a lot which has changed my game in a positive way."

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