Dade County OT Names FSU Leader

Florida State is looking to bring in a large offensive line class for 2011, one of their top targets recently named FSU his leader.

Miami Jackson's Ruben Carter plays both ways, but is being recruited for the offensive line. The talented senior is off to a fast start to his 2010 season after a busy summer.

"I went to three camps, University of Tennessee, Florida International and Florida State University. I went to Florida State camp; I was recruited by them as a defensive lineman. My head coach told me to work with Coach Trickett, because I play both ways at the high school I am at right now. So I dominated at tackle which I never played before and Coach Fisher and Coach Trickett liked what they saw and gave me an offer," said Carter.

Carter continued,

"FIU was actually the first team that offered me my 10th grade year. They never stopped recruiting me since. They have a couple athletes who can make them a dominate program in the future. I liked the University of Tennessee camp a lot. They started with the four quarters drill and it was very intense, with a lot of competitors, kids who I actually never met before. They were recruiting me as a defensive lineman also, but I played guard and tackle at the camp and I did very well and they offered me too at the camp."

Carter discussed his top two beginning with FSU,

"Florida State University and the University of Tennessee. Florida State, I am not only building relationship with the coaching staff, but building a relationship with the guys on the team like Jeff Luc and Lamarcus Joyner. I am actually keeping in contact and talking to Bobby Hart maybe three times a week. We thought it would be good if we played together on the team. I just liked the environment when I went up there. It is not very noisy and I can't get away from my family and not be too far from home."

"Florida State is leading right now. Well they actually recruiting me the hardest and not only do I get calls from them, but I get a lot of mail and a lot of emails from them. Like I said, it is not too far from home and not too close to home. I like what they are doing with their program, having hot recruiting class back to back. I just want to be on a winning team and it seems they are going to be a winning team in the future."

A big part of that lead is the relationship with the coaching staff,

"I just got off the phone with Coach Fisher and I have been talking to Coach Coley, he has been recruiting me. I think they are very trustworthy and they know I am a hard worker and they believe in me. That is a good step, to have a coach who knows what they see in me and know I have potential and know that I am going to make a big impact on their team."

While FSU is in the lead, Carter likes a lot about the Volounteer program,

"My dad is from Tennessee but he went to Tennessee State University. I actually like Tennessee. Me and Coach Baggett get along very well and he never stopped recruiting me. Coach Dooley is trying to bring Tennessee back up to the championship program that have been the last five or ten years. I would like to be part of that program if I had a chance."

Carter claims 15 offers right now with Florida State, Tennessee, FIU, USF, Kentucky and Kansas being just a few of them.

The star athlete who plays both ways, talked about what he is looking for in a school.

"I am just looking for a good education. I am looking for trust and good relationship with my position coach. I am looking for good relationship with my strength coach because 90 percent of time in college I am going to be with him. I am looking for a championship caliber team who respects being discipline because I love being discipline. And a hard working group of young men who want to win just like myself."

He sports a 2.9 core GPA and an 890 SAT score.

Stay tuned to for the latest on Ruben Carter.

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