Florida State 31, Wake Forest 0

Florida State opened the ACC season with a 31-0 win over Wake Forest at Doak Campbell Stadium. It was the first shutout in ACC play since 2003(North Carolina).

Notes and Tidbits

Captains were Christian Ponder, Kendall Smith, and Dustin Hopkins.

Henry Orelus started his second game in a row for the injured Andrew Datko.

Jacobbi McDaniel recorded his first career interception.

Post Game Quotes

Jimbo Fisher Opening Statement

"Well it was good to get the first ACC win. It's always good to get out of the blocks with that first one because it's one of our major goals. Like I said the season starts, preseason is over. We've got to get back to the ACC(title) game. To do it against a team that's been a big nemesis to us for quite a few years. They're a very well coached, very tough team. They kept hanging in there and found was to make it interesting for us and caused a lot of problems. We were moving the ball, couldn't get it in there enough. My hat's off to them, they are a very well coached good team. Jim(Grobe) does a great job. But it's great top have that first ACC win and to get things going on the right note."

Jimbo Fisher on what most impressed about the defense:

"The consistency in which they played. They never got out flanked in the misdirection, in the tricks, in the fakes and all that stuff.....The consistency in which they never got disoriented, they never got out of whack. They controlled the no huddle situations and came back in. And then again, I thought we controlled the line of scrimmage again and the run game and wherever to generate pass rush without blitzing with four guys. When you can do that and not get vulnerable in the secondary, it's a good thing."

Jim Grobe Opening Statement:

"I think more than anything we were outmatched tonight. There were some areas where we weren't good enough and Florida State is very talented. I was very impressed with the quarterback tonight- I thought Christian Ponder played very well. We weren't good enough."

Grobe on how well the FSU defense played:

"Their defense didn't surprise us in playing as well as they did, we expected them to play well. I thought we were going to play better. I thought we had some things- we were expected to see some zone coverage and we felt pretty comfortable in what they were doing. They made a few changes on their tight end side and made some adjustments that we thought were pretty good, but by in large we thought we had some plays designed that would be good for us tonight but some of the protections broke down, and we weren't able to protect our quarterback at times and we didn't run the ball very well tonight. A lot of the credit goes not only to the play they had defensively but physically they had us overmatched at times."

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