Say Hello to Pat Watkins

Pat Watkins saw the field very little during his first year at FSU despite being the nation's top recruit as a prep safety. But the 6-5 Watkins, from nearby Lincoln High, is looking towards the upcoming season. Watkins has had enjoyed an impressive spring as a first-teamer. Here is a quick Q & A with a player who is looking to help bring the Seminoles back into the march for a National Championship. "It is all about performing as a team and right now we are looking like a team," Watkins said.

Now that you are three practices into this spring, I am just wondering what your feelings are towards the execution of the secondary as a unit and individually so far?

"I would have to say right now that we are not bad at all. We have really been working in practice as a unit and it seems like that at the beginning of the season everyone(in the secondary) will have to find where they are at and then improve from there. Nobody is playing bad right now, we just have room to improve as the spring goes on."

What are your feelings upon the addition of Antonio Cromartie to the team for the coming season as it has been well documented that you two are good friends?

"I am happy for Cromartie. I am happy that he is on my side and that I do not have to guard him. It takes all the pressure off of me because I know how fast he is. I have played with him, I have played against him. I am just happy to be with him."

As for the overall defense, do you feel that everything has been going well so far in the spring practices? Do you think that there seems to be a good morale on the field and are you looking forward to maybe working together tomorrow in the practice as a complete unit?

"I would have to say that even though we have not scrimmaged fully that there is a very good atmosphere. Everybody is out here and everybody is having a good time. Nobody is getting onto each other and everyone is just out here to do their job. It is all about performing as a team and right now we are looking like a team. "

What are your personal goals for on the field this season?

"Me. I am going to be a team player and I am just going to try to do whatever they need me to do. If they need me to line up and run deep then I am going to do it for them. "

Do you think that you may play both ways or are you just strictly defensive?

"Nah. I am strictly defensive for this season."

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