Bobby's Corner

Here are coach Bobby Bowden's comments following Florida State's controlled scrimmage Saturday afternoon at Doak Campbell Stadium. Reserve quarterback Wyatt Sexton turned in a solid performance, throwing a pair of touchdown passes to Chauncey Stovall. "As you know, we did not sign him (Wyat Sexton) because he was Bill's (Sexton) son. We all thought he was an excellent quarterback prospect and how lucky we are he's right here and his dad is coaching here," Bowden said.

Opening Comments

"I thought it wasn't bad for the first scrimmage. Had a lot of walk-ons who had to play a whole lot. Offense was hampered by the fact that at times we had only one offensive tackle. So what we would do was scrimmage awhile, then rest awhile, scrimmage awhile, rest awhile. We had to do that. But they did better than I expected on the first scrimmage. Hard to single anybody out until I look at the film."

You got some nice work out of Wyatt Sexton today.

"Wyatt hit a couple of touchdown passes and threw the ball with a good touch today. That was very pleasing."

Willie Reid seemed to be another one who made some nice plays.

"Well,Willie is a natural I think Looks like he's kind of a natural. Really fits the receiving position real good. Catches the ball good. I thought they caught the ball pretty good today. Very few drops. They caught pretty good today. I thought they threw pretty good today. The protection was better than I thought it would be on the first day. But, got some good, active linebackers back there. Got a lot of defensive backs that are learning what to do back there."

What were your impressions of Chris Rix?

"I would say he probably did good."

Are you pleased with Wyatt's performance in that he can push Chris with Fabian Walker being out?

"You like competition and maybe he can present some in there. I thought that was a good sign today. Didn't surprise me. Didn't surprise me at all."

Lorenzo Booker made some nice runs.

"Booker ran real well. I think he was running up and down the field at first. The good thing about him is he can make u miss. First guy can't hardly get him. You have to get him cornered."

There's a lot to like about this offense.

"Yeah. If we can rebuild that offensive line, I think that will be the key. You have skill. You have skill. You got receivers. You got good runners. Good quarterbacks. The tight end position is looking much better. If we can just get that offensive line. ... I thought they did much better today than I expected the first day. Of course, the defense is playing with some walk-ons, and they are doing a good job but they are not experienced at all."

Does it feel good to get back into Doak Campbell Stadium. This represents a new start.

"We look forward to that every year. You work in the stadium and your drills and then you come in here to see if they ca put it together in a game-type situation. That really is the fun part of football. I think the kids like it."

Chauncey Stovall had two receiving touchdowns. You need some receivers to step up after losing three from last year's team.

"The talent level is the same. Watching them on my tower and I am looking at these young kids, the talent level is identical. But the experience level is different."

You are a military buff. What are your thoughts on the war in Iraq?

"That's the real war. Sometimes we call football war. It's not war. That's the real war over there, where your life is at risk. We are all proud of what they are doing. I am just hoping that the higher ups in Iraq will give it up so a lot of innoncent people won't get killed because you know who is going to win it. I wish it would cease as soon as possible. I am watching as much as I can. I am interested in it and watching it."

What are you most intriqued by as this unfolds on TV?

"Well I think of how much different it is now. I mean, who would ever thought you could watch a war? How many wars have you been able to watch. This one you can see what's happening and you have people broadcasting from the scene. It's amazing. That's how much the world has changed. The way they are able to fight now and your personnel not even be around the point of attack. They are 300-miles away, 500-miles away yet they are putting these bombs right in one spot. You used to have to fly over and drop it or throw it, something like that. It's changed. Gosh, I don't know what the stopping place is. What are we going to do when everybody gets those things?"

When you recruited Wyatt, did you see something in him?

"He might have had more acclaim if he not been Bill's son in regard to recruiting. Everybody just assumed why waste our time on him, he's going to go to Florida State. As you know, we did not sign him because he was Bill's son. We all thought he was an excellent quarterback prospect and how lucky we are he's right here and his dad is coaching here."

What does he need to improve on?

"I think the main thing he's got that maybe a lot of quarterbacks don't have is because his daddy's a coach and has been around it his whole life, it's second nature to him. The thing that impressed me most about his passing today was the touch he had. If a guy was wide open, he took something off of it. Guy was covered, he would stick it on him. A lot of kids don't have that instinct. He seems to have it. Seems to be a real natural."

What are your thoughts on this team at this moment?

"Where we are I feel good. We are out there today and your four top defensive tackles are out. I always feel like if you can play. ... if you are super defensively and average offensively, you are talking 11-1, 10-2. If you are super offensively and average defensively, you are talking 7-4, 8-3. If you are going to be super in any area, you sure want it to be on defense. Again, you are playing without four of your tackles out there who would make a lot of difference. But I feel good up to this point. The main thing that will help this team right now is we don't have injuries where these new offensive linemen can get the work. Today, we played without Willis and played with Barron some but everybody else is a sophomore, freshmen, inexperienced. If they can stay healthy, they can get 15 good days of practice. But if they get hurt, they miss all that and you are starting all over with a guy who is not ready."

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