Up Close With Wyatt

Florida State held its first scrimmage of spring practice on Saturday afternoon at Doak Campbell Stadium. The team practiced for 24 periods working nine periods on the practice fields before moving into the stadium. Wyatt Sexton and Chauncey Stovall highlighted the scrimmage for the offense, while Willie Jones, Jr. racked up three sacks for the defense. Here's an interview with Sexton, who was 5 of 10 for 190 yards.

Wyatt Sexton is a young man who has been around the Florida State football program his entire life as his father is Billy Sexton is FSU Running Back Coach and Assistant Head Coach. But beginning last season he did not stand on the sideline as only a fan but as a young quarterback prospect who was looking to help his beloved Seminoles win games on the field.

After taking a redshirt during his freshman year Wyatt Sexton now looks to makes the Spring a battle between him and the other Quarterbacks for the starting position. Following Saturday's scrimmage inside Doak Campbell Stadium where Wyatt successfully connected to Chauncey Stovall for two long touchdown passes he had a quick Q & A to discuss his feelings for the upcoming season.

How do you feel you compare to your father, coach Billy Sexton, in the way you play and approach the field?

"I am a lot like my dad obviously because I got my talent from my dad. I think I am just a little more relaxed than he is as he is more intense and high strung than me."

Did you feel calm in the pocket?

"Yeah, I felt real good. It is different when you know that you are not going to get hit but you always have to have trust in your offensive line. If you think about the defensive line at all then it is going to make your mind off what you are supposed to be doing so that is just something I have always done."

Is there anything that you can do, being that you have yet to play in a college game in your career to prepare for the speed and for the first time that you will eventually get hit?

"The thing that I need to improve the most is just my physical nature. I think that I can make most of the throws and the reads, it is just going to come down to me being able to take hits and such. This summer I just need to hit the weights really hard and put on about ten to fifteen pounds of muscle and I think that I will be ready to go."

What is the next phase in your development?

"The next stage would just be experience for me. I can always prepare more, I can always study more film but the two things that I really need is add weight in the weight room and play in a real game and get real experience in the real deal."

Did you like the spirit of the practice on the field today as it was the first day of contact and true scrimmage between full squads?

"It has been a while since we have had an upbeat and enthusiastic practices. You know it is tough when you are not scoring any touchdowns when you are just running scrimmages but putting a couple of points up on the board I believe lifted the spirits."

The practice also seemed to give the defense some charge. Any comments?

"That is one thing that I noticed as I grew up around here my whole life, there is always such enthusiasm in the practices and the last two years we seemed a little bit down on the enthusiasm. They had always seemed to be upbeat and today I think was a step back in the right direction."

How do you think the chemistry is working out among the whole offense and especially with the receiving corps?

"Everybody is critical of everything. We have unbelievable talent and with Chris Davis coming back, he is projected to be the next Peter Warrick. I played with him in the Florida-Georgia All Star Game and he is really something else. P.K Sam is unbelievable, Cro, Stovall, I could give you a list of seven or eight guys, the talent is all there."

How would you describe Chauncey Stovall after working with him in a few practices?

"Stovall reminds me of Tamarick Vanover in his style of play because he is explosive and so powerful. He is like 225 lbs and he runs like the wind. He is one of the best I have ever seen at making adjustments, because if I put the ball up he just puts his body in perfect position and he comes down with it."

Bobby has said that he wants the Tight Ends Paul Irons, Matt Henshaw, and Donnie Carter more involved in the offense. Is that something that is stressed to you in your position of being a quarterback?

"If you tight end is an option in your offense and the defense knows that, then it just opens up things so much more. We put in three of four different type of plays to get the tight ends the ball. We will have a lot of skill and good speed at tight end which we want to use. I think you will definitely see a lot more catches by tight ends next season for sure."

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