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Collin Mickle of TheTerritory caught up with head coach Bobby Bowden to find out how the progress of his team is going this spring, including the quarterback and special team play. Click here to read what coach Bowden has to say.


How did the quarterbacks look today?

They did OK. They're picking up every day. We've had good practices. The way the NCAA's got it regulated now, they say you can scrimmage this day but you can't do it so many days; you can go a half-scrimmage so many days, you've got to go shorts so many days. You do get to get in some good teaching. You probably don't get to scrimmage as much as you'd like to get, or you feel like you need to get, but at least you get some good teaching. With that comes some improvement, and that's what we're looking for. I think they're making progress.

Did Wyatt follow up on what he did Saturday in the scrimmage?

He threw good today. I thought all of them threw pretty good.

Did Fabian get any work?

Fabian was throwing earlier. I could really tell a difference in his throwing. He probably practiced about half the practice, throwing.

Was he throwing in drills, or on the side?

Just throwing, throwing routes. He can only do so much, and then he has to back off.

You haven't had any injuries this spring. You're missing some guys thanks to surgery, but you haven't lost any more.

That's going to be very important. We had so many boys that had operations before we started, and it's got down to the point where we simply cannot afford it anymore. We've been very fortunate so far, and I hope we can keep it up.

Has the lack of defensive tackles been a major problem?

Well, we've still been able to do what we wanted to do. Thank goodness for the walkons. It enables us to scrimmage. Those kids are doing a good job. It helps us to scrimmage.

Were you pleased with what you saw from your inexperienced offensive line Saturday?

The offensive line was like anything else – some good, some negatives. I'll be honest with, I thought they all did pretty good. They just need to stay healthy and work every day.

Have you started work on special teams yet?

We worked on punt-blocking today, and the other day worked on our punting. We of course have been kicking field goals.

Is Chris Hall your only punter right now?

Chris Hall is our number-one guy right now, but there's several others working at it. This kid that was with us last year, (Jessie) Stein is punting for us, and not doing bad.

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