Q & A with QB coach Daryl Dickey

After one week into spring football practice at Florida State, Seminole fans from across the country are anxious to see how the quarterbacks are progressing. Collin Mickle, of TheTerritory, caught up quarterback coach Daryl Dickey to find out how things are going so far. Click here to read more.

How do the quarterbacks look so far?

This is just one day of practice. We have 10 more to go. A decent start, but we still, mechanically, have a long way to go in a couple of areas. But we have a lot better understanding than we've had in the past couple springs, which is a big advantage. We can work on techniques, and not have to work on as much teaching of concepts and plays and that kind of stuff. I think we're a little farther ahead than we have been in the past, and that gives us the opportunity to work on some techniques.

Did Wyatt follow up on his good performance Saturday?

Today was just half-pads, so there's not much going on today. We'll find out tomorrow, the next time we get out there. He had a good start, and we'll see if he can follow it up.

Do you have a sense for how the depth chart at quarterback is started to shape up?

I don't think so. Right now, we've got three guys that I think have got an opportunity to be really good college quarterbacks. We're trying to develop Lorne Sam, and see if we can get (walk-on) David Koral and some of the other guys out there some reps, see what they can do. Right now, we feel like we've got three guys that we feel like can play.

Coach Bowden said that Fabian threw a little bit today. How far along is he?

He's getting a little better every day. He actually threw some passes to some backs that were on some flat routes, stuff like that. That was encouraging. Hopefully, he can keep progressing, and next week we can start getting some wide receivers working with him.

So next week is the target?

Absolutely. I told him, the last two weeks of spring, he needs to be throwing.

Your father got inducted into the College Hall of Fame. How proud are you of him?

Well, it's great timing for him, since he's retiring (as Tennessee's athletic director) this year. It's a great culmination to his career. I'm really proud of that, and happy for him. He's real excited.

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