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Florida State completed its second half-scrimmage of the spring. Coach Bowden seemed impressed with today's events. "We had a good scrimmage out there," Florida State's head coach Bobby Bowden said. "We had good spirit – I liked that. We had a lot of enthusiasm on the goal-line. The defense really had a good day out on that goal-line." Click here to read more of his comments.

Opening comments

We had a good scrimmage out there. We had good spirit – I liked that. We had a lot of enthusiasm on the goal-line. The defense really had a good day out on that goal-line.

The quarterbacks did a pretty good job. I think Chris (Rix), the first two times he had the ball, he took them in for two scores. I forgot if the third time, we hit or not – I'm not sure. But there were some good things on both sides of the ball. Charlie Howard worked in some at tackle today, and so did (Kevin) Emanuel. That helped the defense. That gave them some veterans there at tackle.

There was some big plays out there, some big hitting, and some great catches. Wonderful catches out there. They did a good job.

We won't practice tomorrow. We'll practice Friday and Saturday.

Do you think Emanuel and Howard will play inside in the fall?

No. We'll get four tackles back this fall, so we shouldn't have to put them back in there. It sure does help out in the spring. And it's good for them. If they an play that position, they can play that other one. It'll help them playing that other one.

Torrance Washington was carted off today. What was his injury?

I don't know the extent. I don't even know what it was. It looked like it was the knee area, but I don't know. I couldn't tell if it was at the knee or what. Randy (head trainer Randy Oravetz) might could give you a rundown on that.

You mentioned nice catches from your wideouts. How encouraging is that, since you need guys to step up at that position?

Well we did lose some good receivers, but I tell you what, these kids are mighty talented. Some of these kids are very talented, and I felt real good about them this spring, these receivers. Moving Willie Reid helped a little bit, and of course (Chris) Davis can't scrimmage or anything, but he looks mighty good in drills. And then (P.K.) Sam's catching the ball better, had a couple of nice catches out of Dominic (Robinson) today, and (Craphonso) Thorpe. The tight ends caught the ball pretty good. I'm encouraged. I think the key will be the offensive line.

Is consistency the main thing you're looking for?

Yeah, consistency and great catches. They should be making great, great catches. I'm not talking about a routine catch. I'm talking about a great one. And we had a couple of great ones out there. But consistency, I think, is number one.

As your wideouts keep improving, does part of you wish Lorne Sam was with that group?

Well, I'd like to let him get a good look, let us get a good look, then take it from there. These other kids are doing good enough that we can afford to have him at quarterback some.

Michael Boulware sat out today. Was that just a precaution?

Mike might have some work done, I'm not sure. If we do it, we've got to do it now. That's the reason he's not out there. We've got a good group of linebackers. I'm really impressed with our linebackers, a bunch of them.

A. J. did have some good ones. A couple of those other guys had some good hits in there too.

Are you playing a different style defensively?

Might be some minor changes in there, might be some new things added, but not a whole lot.

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