Say Hello To Lorenzo Booker

After a redshirt season, Lorenzo Booker is anxious to show his skills to Seminole fans this season, in addition to helping FSU regain its elite status. Booker,who is enjoying a solid spring thus far, recently chatted with Chris Nee of TheTerritory. "As far as being in the front or at the back in the depth chart, if I end up being the starter, fine. But to tell you the truth it is not going to feel like it. At Florida State everybody is as good as everybody else," he said.

With being from California, how hard of an adjustment was it for you coming to Florida State to attend college and to play football at such a high level?

"Adjusting wise I had it a little bit easier than everyone else because I knew Travis (Johnson) , I had met Pat (Watkins) at USC and I had met Kamerion (Wimbley) over there at the National All-Star Game. I didn't come here not entirely knowing nobody. I mean, when I first got here I was with Travis and he introduced me to all the guys, being a month early and talking to all those guys really benefited me as far as that goes. Football wise, I think if you can play college football you need to go somewhere in the state of Florida because mentality wise, college football is totally different, there is to much stuff to do in Los Angeles. You have UCLA and USC out there, USC having to do the things they did last year just to get attention. Personally, I don't think they were amazing, they just hadn't won in so long, so now everybody is looking at them but here you live and die with football, they breathe football here. If you are serious about it this is where you want to be."

How tough, being one of the top recruits in the nation, was it to come into Florida State and take a redshirt season last year?

"It was hard, it wasn't like I just got redshirted, I went to the coaches and asked them for it. At first, Coach Sexton was like you are not red shirting. I just felt like with G(Greg Jones) and Nick(Maddox) doing such a great job, if I was going to play, I didn't want to just get mop-up time. If I had known that Greg and Nick would have got hurt, it would have been different. It was tough, especially, knowing that I could have come out and contributed, even when Greg and Nick were here. After the Spring and the two-a-days that I had it was hard but like they told me, I was going to be glad that I did it. Now I am, as I got a year under my belt and I am still going to be considered a freshman."

What is your feelings in regards to the talent and depth at your position of running back going into the season this year?

"I think that there is depth at the chart everywhere. It concerns me to tell you the truth, me and Leon were talking about that on the sidelines. The thing about it is that me, Leon, and Greg, everybody, just do our job and get better at it. As far as being in the front or at the back in the depth chart, if I end up being the starter fine but to tell you the truth it is not going to feel like it, at Florida State everybody is as good as everybody else. The fourth tailback is just as good as the first, I know if I start, Leon or Greg is going to play just as much and if Greg or Leon starts I know I am going to play just as much. It is a team thing."

How do you feel the offense is coming together thus far this spring?

"For me personally, I definitely got it completely down. I haven't gotten yelled at for an MA. As far as the offense as a whole I think they are doing good. It is a new line so they have some kinks to work out but everybody else is doing just fine."

Do you like being back on the field in action and getting involved in the contact that these scrimmages allow for the team to have with one another?

"I told the linebackers, somebody please clean me up. I haven't gotten hit in so long that it was nice to get knocked down and finally get dirty again."

What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?

"I want a National Championship ring. I'm trying to go back home and everyone there is saying that USC is suddenly us or Miami, because you have one good year. It has been a decade since they have even gone to a BCS bowl so don't come at me like that. I'm just trying to go home and flash National Championship rings so they cannot say anything to me anymore."

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