Quotes from the FSU Players and Coaches

"I was really thankful for the opportunity the guys put me in and I walked out there and was feeling really good. The snap came, Shawn held it well. Right when it came off my foot I realized that I left my hips open. Of course I am disappointed, but I have to bounce back, we all have to bounce back and come back and beat a really good Clemson team." --Dustin Hopkins after the loss.

Jimbo Fisher

On final play:

"With his(Dustin Hopkins) range, he can go out, well you can go to the 38(yard line) and field a 55 yarder(field goal) and he's very comfortable. We got him down there around the 20 and we had one play there and we elected to do it and said no, just run it. He just wanted it centered so that's we just what we call goal post right. We asked him and what we wanted to do and said 20 because that is a 37, that's such a comfort zone. He's a great kicker, he's a great kid and he'll be back. I hate it for him, I hate it for us, but that's the ball.

On what he said to K Dustin Hopkins after his second missed kick:

"I went straight to him and said forget it. You'll have many more chances to make game winning kicks and you're a great kicker and you're a big reason why we're having success and we love you....it ain't going to change my opinion of him. I wanted to let him know I believe in him wholeheartedly."

On two losses in a row:

"Hopefully it will bring us together. Hopefully it will bond us and bring us and keep believing. We talk about these things all the time. We talked about these scenarios all the time of when those situations happen and how things happen and that's the thing with life and ball. That's all the same. You never know what it's going to give you. There's ups and downs. You can't quit believing in yourself, you can't quit believing in your teammates. This is a process in where we're going. I say this all the time, this is a process, we're not going to magically snap our fingers and all of a sudden win 10 games, 11 games, hopefully we could. We had our chances to, but maybe this is part of what they got in mind for us and we have to learn to do this and not let it come down to the final play and make some plays a little earlier and get that fixed. We'll keep doing the things we're doing. I still believe we are headed in the right direction. I love this team, I like their attitude, I like their competitive spirit, we just got to learn to eliminate some of the mistakes and get a little better at times."

Christian Ponder

Can you talk about the loss?

Yeah it is tough, but the most frustrating this is that it should never have come down to that last play. The offense really sputtered out in the second half, had our chances to put them away and didn't. We didn't play well at all and had a lot of opportunities to put them away."

How hard is it going to be to recover from two losses with this lost on the last play?

"It is definitely two heartbreaking losses, but we know there is still a lot to play for and we can still have a successful season. It's something we will have to swallow and come back Monday and forget."

Willie Haulstead

Can you talk about having a big game?

"I have just been doing what I am supposed to do. I am a receiver and (I'm) supposed to catch the ball. Even though I had a couple of drops today, I just go out there and try to catch everything thrown to me."

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