Bobby's Corner

Here are coach Bobby Bowden's comments following Florida State's Friday practice. Bowden was in North Carolina earlier Friday, speaking first at a FCA meeting and then at Wolfpack coach Chuck Amato's clinic. Bowden also is pleased with his team's practices thus far. "We're getting some good plays at times, thank goodness," Bowden said.

Opening Comments

"We had a good practice. Our practices have been pretty doggone good. Tomorrow, we'll go in the stadium and scrimmage. I'll meet with them at 10 o'clock. It might be 10:30, 10:45 before we get cranked up real good. We're having a scrimmage tomorrow, and it'll be open to the public, open to the press.

"I had to go up to North Carolina this morning. I left and went up to Raleigh, North Carolina, spoke at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at N. C. State, and then I went and spoke at Chuck (Amato's) clinic, got back about 2 o'clock, so I was kind of out.

"Rufus Brown had a good play today. We're getting some good plays at times, thank goodness. Booker had some very nice catches today, and ran in a touchdown. We're trying to get the ball to our backs more, and our tight ends. We're trying to work them in more. Our tight ends are making some progress. I'm glad to see that. We're executing the ball pretty darned good."

Q: What will your rotation be like in tomorrow's scrimmage?

A: "It'll be very like the last scrimmage. You ain't got but one offensive tackle, so you can't rotate. We'll have to be lucky, hope we can keep them healthy, where they can get better."

Q: So will you continue to take breaks in between series?

A: "It'll be very much like it was last Saturday. We have to rest some in between series, something like that. Talking to Chuck this morning, their spring game is just a practice. In spring training, it's hard. You ain't got two teams. When your freshmen get here, you will. If you happen to be hurt at one position – if you spread out your injuries, you can get by – but if they all happen at one position, like defensive tackle, or the offensive line, all of a sudden you can't hardly scrimmage. So everybody tries to go through the drills and everything."

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