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FSU coac Bobby Bowden continues to be pleased with the Seminoles' spring effort. "I tell you, the guy that's really shown some consistency is (P. K.) Sam. Sam, all of a sudden, is starting to look like a football player out there. Last year, it was drop one, catch one, drop one, catch one. He's been able to make some catches where he's had to take the ball away from somebody, and he looks like a player now," Bowden said following Saturday's scrimmage at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Opening Comments

"We had another good scrimmage. I thought we improved some areas of it, which is what we need to do. What would be nice is if we could scrimmage about 20 more days, just like this, without injuries. We'd get better and better and better. That's what you need, but you can't do that.

"I thought it was pretty good. We kicked – I don't know if the kicker missed any today. He missed one – wide right. Everything else was pretty good. We punted live – the punters didn't do bad. There were some goods and bads. Most of all, it was improvement, and that's what we want."

Q: Your wideouts made some good catches today.

A: "We had some good catches, again, and no injuries – that's such a key. (Offensive tackle Ron) Lunford's having to go nearly every down. That'll make him a better player. (Running back Lorenzo) Booker ran good. He really had some good runs in there. He'll make a three-yard run look like an All-American sometimes. He can find a way through. He's kind of star, boy.

"We've got to eliminate our fumbles on the goal-line, I know that. We're having trouble with our center exchange, our quarterback exchange, on the goal-line. I don't think Chris (Rix) is having that problem. I think the other quarterbacks are having that problem.

"What we'd do is go with the first unit and the second unit – of course, a lot of guys had to go the whole time. Then we'd take a break and let the third unit come out and do pass skeleton – let the first few groups get a chance to rest, and get the others some work at the same time. We did that today. There was some pretty good hitting. They're hitting pretty doggone good – I like that."

Q: Dominic Robinson is improving – how much has he developed since last year?

A: "He's developed – there's no doubt about it. He's much further along than he was this time a year ago. Of course, this time a year ago, he was still a defender. You can tell, a year makes a lot of difference. He's lots more familiar with what he's doing. He's running his routes better, and he's catching the ball pretty doggoned good. He's making a few runs after he catches ‘em. That's why I say I'd like to scrimmage, scrimmage, scrimmage, because they'd learn and learn and get better. Instead, you do this, and you can't do it Monday, you can't do it the next day, and then Wednesday you'll try to do it again. That's the way you learn. But you can tell, he's getting more familiar with it the longer he's out there."

Q: How does he fit in the mix at that position? Other than Craphonso Thorpe and P. K. Sam, he's the most experienced guy you've got.

A: "He's right there with them. I tell you, the guy that's really shown some consistency is (P. K.) Sam. Sam, all of a sudden, is starting to look like a football player out there. Last year, it was drop one, catch one, drop one, catch one. He's been able to make some catches where he's had to take the ball away from somebody, and he looks like a player now."

Q: Do you like the fact that your scrimmages so far have had several guys making plays at receiver, rather than just one or two guys dominating?

A: "That's good. That's a good sign. It's tough if you've only got one guy to give the ball to, because they know who to double. It's better when you can spread it around – that's good. Ol' Willie Reid on that reverse – you know how happy that makes me. It's nice to have a reverse runner again – we haven't had one in I don't know how long. I don't remember the last time we broke a reverse like that. This group of kids has some talent. The key looks like it's going to be up front. Those guys are making some progress – they're doing better than I really thought they would. They're not missing as many assignments as I thought they would. They're still missing some phases of football that they've got to pick up on, but with time, we should have a much better chance of them picking it up. It's encouraging."

Q: What are some of the other things you'll be looking for in the next two weeks, before the spring game?

A: "We'll still continue to work on fundamentals, trying to block better, and tackle better, and know what to do better – become more familiar with what you're trying to do in a scrimmage. Just trying to get better – that's the main thing."

Q: Are you getting more of a feel for what Kevin Steele adds, on the field and in the meeting rooms?

A: "Well, everybody brings something to the table, and he brings something. I see a very stabilizing thing in there. I don't see a situation where you've got a new coach and they don't understand each other. It looks like he's been able to pick up on where Joe (Kines) left off."

Q: Assuming Leon Washington and Greg Jones are healthy in the fall, how important is it for you to find creative ways to get Booker into the game, to get him the ball?

A: "There's got to be. If you don't have one, you'd better come up with one. You'll have to come up with one. He's too dangerous out there. He needs the ball in space – he don't need to run by 11 people to get out there. He needs the ball over here, and one guy can't get him. We'll try to get him in those kind of situations. The other guys will need to learn the same thing, but he's more effective with that kind of stuff."

Q: He makes guys miss about as good as anyone you've had.

A: "He does make ‘em miss bad. He's got some stuff."

Q: Does he remind you a little bit of the other 28 (former FSU great Warrick Dunn)?

A: "Yeah – runs different, but yes, he does remind me of him. Chris Davis gives you the same thing. He's a gamebreaker. He's a space man. Get him out there in space, boy, he'll take it all the way."

Q: Chris Rix started off with an interception on his second pass, but he had a good scrimmage overall.

A: "He's doing some good things. He still has people running around free that he misses – he doesn't see them all. He's seeing a lot better than he did last year and the year before. I think the biggest difference with this football team right now is a stable quarterback situation, which we haven't had in two years. It's been a shaky, iffy, not-sure type of thing, and I think it carried over to our ballclub. One thing I do see now, is I feel real good with these quarterbacks, whichever one's under the center. I think that's going to make a lot of difference going into next year like that."

Q: Do you think the depth chart is a little more defined, at least with the one, two and three quarterbacks?

A: "We will have a number two, which is Fabian. We'll see what kind of imprint he's going to make when he gets in there – I don't know. I bet he throws a lot better now than he did last year. As I watch him play toss with people, he looks like he's throwing with less effort, and the ball's spinning a little bit tighter. I can't wait until he gets back out there. I wish he was getting all this work."

Q: Are you pleased with the way Chris Rix has handled himself, and handled the team?

A: "I think he is handling it like he should."

Q: Are you encouraged by what you've seen?

A: "I'm encouraged with the talent. If you've got talent, it can be nullified if you can't do it upfront. If you're good upfront with talent, then that's a good size. This progress has got to come up front. We just have to keep ‘em healthy, because I can see a lot of difference between now and the first day we put on pads."

Q: What have you seen so far from the interior of the offensive line?

A: "I see guys that have got a lot to learn, but they seem willing, and they've got a good attitude about it, and are working hard. That's why I wish we could scrimmage every day, because they're the guys who really need it. We did pass skeleton every day, to throw and catch it, but the blocking, the tackling, coming off blocks, double-teams, things like that – they need so much of that. They're playing probably inconsistent – off just about that much. The thing is, if they can stay healthy, we'll get (Ray) Willis back, and that'll give us a little bit more depth up in front up there. Lunford – I hope he can continue to come along, because he does have the talent you're looking for. He's a big ol' guy that can move good. He's already three times what he was a year ago. This time a year ago, he was thinking about how to quit. Now he's thinking about how to get better."

Q: How has he improved?

A: "Just about getting better and better, more endurance, more persistence, things like that. He's kind of a happy-go-lucky guy, and he's beginning to get serious about it. That's part of growing up. He's really getting tested, and that tells a story."

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