Say Hello to Lorne Sam

Lorne Sam followed his heart and returned to quarterback this spring. Sam, who was a prep standout at quarterback but played receiver last season for the Seminoles, is thankful the coaches followed their promise during his recruitment. Still, Sam realizes he could be moved back to wideout at any time. "Yeah, it has been a dream to play quarterback at FSU. For them to actually give me the opportunity to play at the position says a lot about our coaching staff," Sam said.

Last season he was a wide reciever but this spring he is following his heart and returning to his high school position of being a quarterback. He has entered the spring and brought competition to the quarterback position where Chris Rix, Wyatt Sexton, David Koral, and Fabian Walker help to create the depth chart. As for the opportunity, Lorne Sam is happy that the coaches are "sticking to their words" and giving him the opportunity he was promised when recruited out of high school.

This spring you have been moved to quarterback and currently you are battling along with Chris Rix, David Koral, and Wyatt Sexton for the starting duties of the position. Have you enjoyed the move and the competition that it has brought with it?

"Yeah, it has been a dream to play quarterback at FSU. For them to actually give me the opportunity to play at the position says a lot about our coaching staff. They are sticking to their words and hopefully I can actually go out there and do my best and maybe earn a spot. If I don't do good then they can always stick me back at reciever."

What is your feelings in regards to the competition so far through spring practices and scrimmages between you, Wyatt, Chris, and David?

"Right now it is pretty clear that Chris has the experience and that he is the starter. He is the one out there making all the reads and kind of showing us. We are just following him. Wyatt is right behind him, he has been here for the last year playing quarterback. You can just see in a game that they are more confident. I would say that me and David are just learning right now and hopefully at the end of spring we will have our confidence and be able to go out there and show some people, some stuff."

Are you hoping to receive snaps in the upcoming spring scrimmages?

"I am hoping to get some. You are always hoping to play when you are a football player. I wanna get out there, it is pretty much a coaches decision. If they put me out there, I will love it, use the experience to make me better. If not, I will sit on the sideline and watch Wyatt and Chris and learn from those two."

Do you feel that at this point in the spring that offensively the team has come together and are playing more as a unit especially compared to last season?

"Well, last year we had a pretty good offense. We had a couple of times where we seemed to fall apart but that just seems to come from being young. As for this year things are going good but we have a lot to work on. We have a lot of young talent this year, not a lot of experience. They like to just go out there and use their ability while getting more experience."

Do you like playing on the same team as your brother, wide reciever P.K. Sam?

"Yeah, it is fun. There are times when it is not fun because of sibling rivalry, arguing and stuff. But for the most part we are tight. It is nice to have family around and to be playing together on the same team."

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