Season in Review: Offensive Line

Florida State finished 9-4 in the regular season after a loss to Virginia Tech in the ACC title game. NoleDigest takes a look the OL position for the season and a brief look to the future.

The Players

OT Andrew Datko

OT Zebrie Sanders

OG Rodney Hudson

OG David Spurlock

OC Ryan McMahon

OL Bryan Stork

OL Henry Orelus

OL Garrett Faircloth

There are not enough adjectives or accolades to describe what Hudson did for the FSU program. It is scary to think about what could have been if the Noles did not "take a chance" on the undersized guard from Alabama. He started a slew of games, played at an extremely high level, and gave everything he had. He will be missed next year.

McMahon is not far behind and has held down the Center spot at an All-Conference level. Like Hudson, he has started a ton of games in his career. Both players will get long looks leading up to the NFL draft.

Datko played through some injuries and was pretty banged up by the end of the year. At LT, he mans the most important spot on the OL and has been a contributor from day one. He has an NFL future and next year is the money year. The hope would be that an off-season of getting healthy and adding strength and size puts him in that position.

Sanders and Spurlock should return in 2011
Steve Chase,

Sanders is the other tackle and he quietly had a very solid campaign for FSU. He has improved each year thus far and also has the tools to succeed at the next level. Like Datko, he is a junior and this off-season will be critical. Sanders should be one of the top tackles in the ACC next year.

Spurlock missed the back end of the schedule with a concussion. He probably will miss the bowl game as well, but word is that he should be fine in the future. Concussions are being treated very differently these days and the bottom line is that we will have to sit back and see what happens here.

Spurlock(and Datko's) injuries allowed some players to get significant playing time. Both Stork and Orelus started ball games and gained valuable experience.

Antwane Greenlee has suffered through injuries for almost all of his time at FSU. Jacob Stanley was listed as the back-up Center this year.

The Future

Provided they are healthy, one would figure that Datko, Sanders, and Spurlock are amongst the starters. The good news there is having experienced tackles is a good place to start. I doubt any team in the country returns the experience there. Spurlock is rock solid inside.

That leaves a Guard and Center spot up for grabs in 2011. Stork played extremely well at times and he should have the inside track to one of the spots, possibly Center. He is getting there physically and a similar off-season as a year ago should have him ready to go.

Orelus, Rhonne Sanderson, and Blake Snider are all factors for the other starting spot. Snider quietly came along this year and should at least be valuable depth.

A player like Jacob Fahrenkrug could be signed and he would immediately factor into that mix at Guard, in fact perhaps become the favorite based on the way he is thought of by those who follow the JUCO ranks. Team mate Matt  Williams is more of a OT and also could sign with FSU.

Danny Foose redshirted and will get another year to learn from the veteran tackles.

Five players are currently committed along the OL: Jordan Prestwood, Bobby Hart, Sterling Lovelady, Ruben Carter, and Trey Pettis. Lovelady might be the best bet to make an early impact.

While Hudson and McMahon have been studs, they are both under-sized. There is an opportunity here for FSU to get much bigger on the OL.

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