Dwyer's Patrick Miller is top 2012 OL

Patrick Miller is part of an impressive offensive line for Dwyer in Palm Beach Gardens. At 6'7'' and 260 pounds he's an athletic tackle that goes against some of the state's top talent every game.

"I think I did pretty good, we were a little disappointed we didn't get to go to states though. I had several good games, but Park Vista stands out to me as my best game this season. They have some good defensive linemen and it's always a challenge. I did really well against them; I had some pancakes that game," Miller revealed.

His size and ability to add good muscle weight already have garnered him interest of several of the instate schools.

"I have schools stop by everyday at school since our program has been so good lately. A lot of schools stop by Dwyer, but Florida, Florida State, and Miami are here the most it seems," Miller stated. "I've been to Florida and Florida State to see them play, and I'm impressed with both of them. I had a lot of fun at Doak and in Gainesville too."

Miller isn't only receiving attention from instate powers, however, Rutgers has also thrown its hat in the mix as well.

"I have an offer from Rutgers, but I'm getting a lot of attention from schools now that the season is over. More will come, it's still early in the process," He discussed.

Being a starter is something that's hard to give up for most players, Patrick is no different and wants to play early in this college career.

"I want to play young, playing time is important to me," Miller replied. "I would like to commit early and focus on my senior season. I'd like to have the comfort of knowing I made a good decision about my future and now can focus on the tasks at hand on the field."

Miller understands the coaching carousel that is college football today. He's not really focused on any one coach during his decision making process, and probably wont be.

"The school's reputation and atmosphere mean a lot of me in this decision. I can play for any coach; I'm not going to pick a school just on the coach because they move around so much. Distance isn't much of a factor, because I just want a good fit," Miller said.

He's focused on making an early decision, and is doing his part to make sure his grades and test scores are what they need to be before committing. "My grades are pretty good, I don't know what my GPA is right now since we just got our grades. I'm working on getting everything up as much as I can before I graduate. I'm planning on taking the ACT soon. I'm taking some ACT/SAT prep courses and I'm a good test taker so I know I'll do well," Miller finished.

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