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Click here for quotes from John Lilly, Lorne Sam, Kevin Emanuel and Odell Haggins as the Florida State Seminoles near the end of spring drills. Lilly talks about the impressive play of newcomer Chauncey Davis, Sam shares his thoughts on the quarterback position, Emanuel talks about his move inside to defensive tackle and Haggins talks about his unit.

John Lilly

Talk about the play of the defensive ends.

"You have Cory Niblock playing tackle who had been at guard. You have Ronnie Lunford still growing into the position at the other tackle. That's about what you had there for the most part. Those guys have had about as tough a baptism under fire as you could have because by my way of looking at it across the line, you kind of start. ... I know the tight ends used to go to practice when Reinard Wilson and Pete Boulware and Wadsworth and Spires and Jamal Reynolds and Seymour, those guys weren't a whole lot of fun for those guys when you have to block those type of players. Eric Moore has really taken the steps that we felt like we would take. Kamerion Wimbley plays unblievably hard and continues to grow, which is important to him. I won't put pressure on a guy but Chauncey Davis looks like the real deal to me for just having been here again, for a couple of months. He has made a couple of plays that make you want to run the flilm back even if you are an offensive coach just to see hey, who made that play."


You got your first extended scrimmage work last Saturday– how encouraging is that for you?

"It's real encouraging. I didn't do too good, but it gives me good experience. It's real good to be out there getting this kind of experience. If I'm planning to play at this position, I've got to get good at that stuff. Pass drills and things – that's not what the game is like. If I'm going to compete for a job, I've got to get better at actual game stuff."

How much better have you gotten since you moved to quarterback?

"I've gotten a lot better. My confidence is way up. The drills, seven-on-seven work, has really helped me to read defenses and pick up little things. It's so much more complicated in college than it is in high school."

How do you see your role, and your position on the roster? Are you planning to head into the fall at quarterback?

"As long as the receivers are solid, my goal is to stay at quarterback and work my way up the depth chart. But if there's ever a point where they need me at receiver, I'll be more than happy to switch to help the team. I'm just sitting back waiting, and hopefully I can stay. If not, I'll hopefully excel at receiver."

You've had a chance to work a lot in those drills with Chris Davis. How impressed are you with him?

"He's a great athlete. When we signed here, a lot of people compared him to Peter Warrick. The more he gets out there, now that he's healthy, you start to see the resemblance. He's got the quickness, and enough speed to beat people deep. But at the same time, he's got the moves to catch short routes and make them big plays. He's really impressive – I'm excited to see him out in action."


Is playing defensive tackle a big adjustment for you?

"It's not a big adjustment, because I've played it before. It's just going back – just like, in the fall, I'll be going back to end. It has helped me out to work with my hands, things like that."

Are you concerned at all about falling behind at defensive end?

"No. If anything, I think it's an advantage. Like I said, it's working with my hands. The biggest difference is, on the outside, everything is moving much faster. On the inside, you're head-up on somebody and battling them every play."


What was your impression of your unit's performance Saturday?

"We played a little harder, but we're sporadic. We struggle at times, we play good at times. We've got to get better – that's all I can say."

You aren't working right now with any of the guys that you expect to have in the fall – how tough is that, to encourage these guys to keep their heads up?

"Whoever we have out there has to play hard. The thing is, we've got talent out on the field – we've just got to play hard as a team. The thing is, we have to look at the positives and correct our mental mistakes. We can correct our mistakes."

How impressed are you with Kevin Emanuel, and his willingness to move inside to help you guys out?

"Kevin Emanuel – I tell you what – that kid plays a great defensive end, then comes inside, plays the whole spring – that's a very unselfish kid. I'd do anything for him. He's doing a great job. That's showing tremendous leadership, right there."

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