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In a sport full of amazing student athletes capable of so many great things, <b>Philip Browning </b> ranks as one of the most intriguing football prospects nationally. Click here to find out why and see where Florida State ranks with this talented offensive lineman.

In a sport full of amazing student athletes capable of so many great things, Philip Browning is one of the most intriguing football prospects I have come across in several years. At 6-5 and 265 pounds with a 5.1 40 and excellent grades, he would warrant special attention based on his on-the-field ability alone.

Once one gets to know Browning, there is so much more to know.

Browning had spent his his school days at Westminster in Atlanta before transferring to Hargrave Military Academy as a junior. He was one of the three players in the history of Westminster to letter in varsity football as a freshman.

Many players take up second sports to get in shape and to train for football. Very few however can play their second sport on a national level. Even fewer take up boxing as a hobby to train. That's exactly what Browning did.

As a freshman in high school, Browning took up boxing as a method of staying in shape for football. As a sophomore he had climbed as high as seventh in the nation and 25th in the world in the super heavyweight division which includes boxers over 200 pounds.

Browning:1rade The mental toughness and footwork needed for boxing will pay huge dividends for him on the football field. Colleges have already taken notice as he is being recruited by many of the top schools in the nation including Georgia, Florida State, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, and Vanderbilt.

Browning is much more than all brawn though, and that's what helps add to his personality. He has been playing the classical violin for close to ten years. He recently has learned a twist to his violin playing, the fiddle.

"They don't play much fiddle in Atlanta," Browning told The Lake City Reporter in Lake City, FL, "but once I heard 'Devil Went Down to Georgia.' I have been working on learning it."

Because of his talents and character, Browning will have several tough choices ahead of him including his college destination. First he will need to decide on where he plays his senior year of high school football, Hargrave or Westminster.

"Right now I'm just concentrating on finishing the semester strong," said Browning.

"I'll talk it over with my parents after the year and see if I'm coming back to Hargrave or going back to Westminster. As far as colleges go Georgia and Florida State are the two schools I like the best. My sister went to Georgia, and both of my parents went to Florida State. So those are my two favorites right now."

We'll keep an eye on Browning and see where he ends up this summer. In the meantime, he will be participating in the Nike Camp at Virginia Tech on May 17.

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