Poole Talks FSU

Brian Poole is poised to become on of the top cornerbacks in the state of Florida for the 2012 recruiting class. He's got exceptional cover skills and a mental toughness that will make his transition from high school to college that much easier. He has the measureables at 5'10'' and 195 pounds and good speed to go with his frame.

Florida State has recently been in contact with the Bradenton native, and so far he's been impressed.

"Its been going really good. I'm beginning to gain a good relationship with Lawrence Dawsey. I went to a game up there during the season last year and had a pretty good time."

It's got a great atmosphere up there I really enjoyed it. I like the swag that they play with at Florida State. They're on the rise right now and I like that too; it's a good program," Poole said. He's enjoying the recruiting process, and is still gathering information on his prospective schools before making a decision.

"I'm still really open in the process right now. Honestly, I'm looking at everyone because it's a really important decision. I don't know if I'll commit early on or not, right now I'm still deciding on that too."

Brian has turned his focus to off-season workouts, and is looking to make a statement next fall.

"This off-season I'm just polishing up everything on my game, I want to really prove to everyone next season that I'm a top corner in the state. Last season I had three picks and 67 tackles on defense. On offense I had 995 yards and 21 touchdowns as a running back," he revealed.

Poole's focus isn't solely on improving on the field, he's working hard in the classroom as well. "I have a 3.0 GPA right now and I got a 17 on the ACT. I haven't taken the SAT yet," he finished.

Brian Poole
Geoff Vogt, Scout.com

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