Maye Talks Favorites

Marcus Maye is a hard-hitting safety out of Melbourne's Holy Trinity. At 6'1'' 195 pounds he showcases his talents on both sides of the field. Maye has proven to be a stealthy returner and has also displayed his receiving skills on offense.

"I want to get faster and stronger so I'm doing a lot of agility drills, footwork drills, and spending time in the weight room. I'm taking my time getting better technique and improving on both sides of the ball. I'm doing drills for both running backs and defensive backs," he stated. He's already gotten back to work this offseason, and looks to display his total skill set this spring and summer.

"I'm going to some combines in the spring once basketball ends. I'm also going to the 7on7 in Tampa, but that's not for sure yet. I ‘m still working out the details on that," Maye said. He's already garnered the attention of some of the top BCS schools in the region, but one in particular sticks out to him.

"I have been talking a lot with Florida, Miami, Alabama, Georgia Tech, South Florida, and Georgia," he discussed. "My top five are Florida State, Florida, Alabama, Miami, Georgia."

Florida State holds the insider track for the safety's services, and he attributes that to the attention he gets from the coaching staff.

"It's been going great. They have been on me the most so far, and I'm talking with them more than anyone else. I've been up there quite a few times, and I'm really comfortable with the coaches there," Maye proclaimed. "They seem very interested in me. I've been talking with Coach Stoops and Coach Buckley the most so far. They can see me on both sides of the ball right now. They are recruiting me as an athlete, but said I can be a running back or a defensive back."

Marcus is still holding off currently from committing, but says he's eager to see how the rest of his recruitment progresses.

"I'm not sure how I want to approach my recruitment, I want to see how the schools classes are shaping up and see what it's looking like there. I want a good fit, so I'm really still open minded right now," he revealed.

Maye is in the process of taking his standardized tests, but says he will have no problems with grades.

"I haven't gotten me score for the SAT, and I'm taking the ACT this Saturday. I finished my semester with a 3.8 this year," he finished.

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