Love Of The Game

One of the most pleasant surprises this spring has been the inspired play of wide receiver Dominic Robinson. Recognized by the coaching staff for physical development and leadership, Robinson says one key to the Seminoles' success will be their off-season performance. And let's hope Robinson's teammates share his excitement for the game. "I just enjoy catching the ball, running routes, having a good time. It's all the love of the game," D-Rob said.

Q: Going into the spring, the wide receiving corps was considered a weak point, because of you guys' inexperience. Would you say that your play has answered any of those questions?

A: "To us, it hasn't really been a surprise. We've always known we could do it. It was just a matter of getting an opportunity. Now that the opportunity has come, we're just trying to take advantage of it each and every second. We're really competing. That's one of our strengths. As a whole, all six of us (senior Joey Kaleikini, juniors Robinson, Craphonso Thorpe, P.K. Sam, and Chauncey Stovall, and sophomore Willie Reid) are competing daily. Each and every route we run, we're competing. We compete in everything we do. That's the most exciting part. That's what it's all about. That's going to make us better."

Q: After 15 spring practices, are you looking forward to the start of the season, so you're not competing against your teammates?

A: "I just have fun playing football. Whether it's them, or somebody else, I just enjoy playing the game so much that it doesn't matter who's out there. I just enjoy catching the ball, running routes, having a good time. It's all the love of the game."

Q: If we had any questions about your durability, the big hit you took from Kyler Hall answered those. Can you talk about that hit?

A: "That was a great hit. I thought maybe he would misjudge and maybe glance off my shoulder or something, but he got all of me. I mean, he got facemask, chest, all that. I took the hit, got back up. I'm just excited to continue to be playing football. I got another chance to make a catch two plays later – that's what it's all about, bouncing up and trying to find another opportunity."

Q: For the first time in your career, you guys have upperclassmen at the top two quarterback positions, and Wyatt Sexton seems to be a very good third guy. How much does that help the wide receivers?

A: "Wyatt's finally starting to figure out that he can be a player. He's gotten that confidence now. The first scrimmage, he did the best out of any quarterback. Now he's realized that he can play. He's competitive, and he's realized that he can make a difference on this team. And both of those guys help Chris, because it makes Chris feel like he has somebody to beat out – and he's done that. They've all been so consistent in everything – consistent on the drills, making checks, hitting guys downfield."

Q: The first day of practice, you said that the two things you were focusing on were working hard in the weight room and showing leadership. Now, at the end of spring, the coaches have recognized you with the offense's awards for physical development and leadership. Have you accomplished your goals?

A: "It's such a blessing. Until just now, I didn't know. That's the first I've heard of it. That's great, to see myself on that list. It's something that I've committed myself to, and I've come a long way. I never would have thought that that's something I would do. I committed myself to work very hard, but to be considered the hardest worker – that's a great award to have. But I've got to continue. One part of the season's over. Now we've got to go phase two – the real season. I'm excited to get started on that, and I'll recover from that hit and get going."

Q: With no seniors on offense, you'll be required to provide some leadership as a junior. Do you relish that role?.

A: "It's exciting for me. We feel like the Class of '01 is the greatest class. We feel like we're the greatest class. Now we're being given an opportunity, and so far this spring we've taken advantage of it. We hope to continue that when the season rolls back around, we'll continue to make big plays and just lead the team. We, as a wide receiver segment, we want to lead the team. Not just ourselves, not just the offense – we want to lead the whole team."

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