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Can you believe that Florida State has not lost a game to Miami at Mark Light Stadium since April 15, 2001? Six games against the dreaded Hurricanes on their home turf without a loss. I've done a bit of research, and as far as I can tell, that is a feat that has never been done by anyone. Of course, the 'Canes will be looking for revenge at Dick Howser Stadium this weekend. Click here for Drew's latest report.

Can you believe that Florida State has not lost a game to Miami at Mark Light Stadium since April 15, 2001? Six games against the dreaded Hurricanes on their home turf without a loss. I've done a bit of research, and as far as I can tell, that is a feat that has never been done by anyone.

Now before we all get too excited, FSU still has some business to attend to this coming weekend when the Canes make the return trip to Dick Howser in Tallahassee. I'm sure Miami will be all fired up for the series too, as Hurricane head coach Jim Morris didn't take Sunday's tie very well, blowing off Coach Martin when he came over to congratulate him for a good game.

Jerrod Brown's elbow brace was the center of attention in Miami.
Of course, Morris had reason to be in a bad mood from the very beginning of the weekend, after totaling his brand new Porsche 911 on the way to the park on Friday. Things got worse for Morris at 'The Light' when umpires made Miami remove a TV monitor from their coaches' room which was aiding a Miami staff member in relaying Florida State's signs caught from a center-field camera. Before anyone gets all high and mighty about this, let's keep in mind that this series is fraught with instances of sign-stealing on both sides. The Noles have been just as guilty as the Canes are, but the high-tech strategy was what ultimately got UM busted.

There was more predictable gamesmanship that happened when Jerrod Brown came up to bat in Friday's game. As I said back in February, Miami would challenge JB's huge elbow brace. The rulebook states that a brace may not be longer than ten inches when laid out straight. Anyone who has seen JB's brace knows good and well it's longer than that. The rulebook also states that the only way a brace longer than ten inches can be used, is if there is valid documentation from a physician showing why the player needs it. Sure enough, Florida State trainer Jerry Hilker trotted out to the umpire, showed him the requisite paperwork, and JB was allowed to continue wearing the brace. It's these kind of quirky events that make the FSU/UM series such fun to follow.

Stephen Drew needs to break out of his 2 for 20 slump.
Taking a glance at the stats reveals that while the team ERA has taken a slight hit over the past few weeks due to the increased competition, the Noles still sport a 2.56 ERA which is still well within the top five teams in the country. Unfortunately, the team batting average fell to .297 which is way too low. Stephen Drew's second major slump of the season has lowered his average down to .304, and includes Dirt going 2 for his last 20 at bats.

Eddy Martinez-Esteve is the only player who is really hitting the cover off the ball, with a team-leading .364 average and nine home runs. Unfortunately, Eddy pulled a hamstring mid-way through Sunday's game with Miami, and his status is unknown for this weekend's games. I expect he'll play, but a hamstring injury generally doesn't heal unless it's rested. If Eddy is sidelined for any extended length of time - or is still hobbling come post-season, you can pretty much kiss FSU's chances of making it to Omaha, goodbye.

Eddy Martinez-Esteve hopes to be able to play after pulling his hamstring on Sunday.
The race for the regular season ACC title is starting to really heat up. Georgia Tech is currently #1 with an 11-1 record, followed by both North Carolina State and FSU at 11-4. Technically, NCSU has the lead over the Noles because of their series victory back in March, but the Pack still has UNC this weekend and Georgia Tech in May.

Speaking of the Tarheels, they're a game back with a 10-5 record, but could sneak in there if the top three teams falter. The biggest surprise is that both Clemson and Wake Forest are already out of the hunt with 5-7 and 7-10 conference records, respectively. Everyone knew this would be a rebuilding year for the Tigers, but losing two out of three games to Maryland of all teams, like CU did this past weekend, should be an eye-opener. If Clemson doesn't shape up quickly, they could find themselves unranked and on the bubble for even making a regional.

The bad news about Wake and Clemson doing poorly in conference is that the Seminoles might find themselves playing a sixth or seventh seeded Demon Deacon or Tiger team in the first round of the ACC Tournament. Facing Kyle Sleeth or Tyler Lumsden on that Wednesday in Salem is not what FSU would like to do.

I normally don't complain about the college baseball polls, because they mean absolutely nothing, but I've got to say something about this week's edition. The "crack" staff of Collegiate Baseball Newspaper bumped Cal. State Fullerton over Florida State for the top spot in this week's poll. For some reason, the pollsters apparently believe that taking one game at home against unranked UCLA, and sweeping a three-game series at home against unranked UC Santa Barbara is somehow more impressive than FSU beating Jacksonville and then going 2-0-1 against top 15 Miami in Coral Gables. Simply ridiculous in my book.

Baseball America moved the Noles up to the #2 spot while Fullerton went to #1. I can handle that since Fullerton was ranked ahead of Florida State to begin with. At least the Sports Weekly/ESPN poll which is voted on by 41 college baseball coaches got it right with Florida State firmly ensconced at #1. Then again, nine of those coaches still voted to rank Rice #1, despite the Owls dropping three out of five games last week to unranked opponents.

I mentioned it last week, but now it's time for the details on this weekend's 25th Annual Animal Whiffle Ball and Tequila Party. If you're within driving distance of Tallahassee, you've simply got to come to this bash.

Come to the 25th Annual Animal Whiffle Ball and Tequila Party on Saturday.
We'll have live entertainment (AnimalRobb on his guitar), cool refreshments, exciting sports action (a bunch of out of shape Animals with plastic bats), and of course - the best BBQ this side of Pensacola Street.

We've already got one hundred pounds of pork ordered, as well as twenty-five or so chickens. Everyone is invited; bring your friends and relatives too. There is no cost, although donations will be accepted. For a map and more information, follow this link. This is going to be one heck of a bash, and I hope to see everyone out there.

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