Ponder Goes 12th to Vikings

The Minnesota Viking's used the 12th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft to select Florida State's Christian Ponder. Ponder becomes the highest drafted quarterback in FSU history.

A scouting report on Ponder(from the network, not this site)

Summation: Ponder has a pro caliber arm for a West Coast offense or pro-style attack, as long as he's comfortably parked inside the pocket. He has lacks the ideal size you look for in an NFL quarterback and his injury issues, along with a lack of ball security, keeps him from being the elite prospect in this QB draft class, though

If you look at his film from the last two years, you see a player capable of moving an offense, but then, here come a slew of mistakes, especially holding on to the ball when he decides to run with it. With a patient coach and a controlled offense, he can move the chains, but look below to see who I compare him to before getting excited enough to anoint him a starting NFL passer.

Compares to: Tony Romo-Dallas Like Romo, Ponder is not blessed with ideal football size. Like Romo, injuries have played a major part in his inconsistent performances the last two years. He looks like he will capitalize on his Senior Bowl and pre-draft performances to go earlier in the draft than where he was rated in December, but while he can be a playoff-caliber passer, there is not enough in his total package to feel that he will lead his team to the "promised land".

I would add that he played through some things injury-wise and there was never any question he was giving 100%.

You do not draft a QB at no 12 unless you think he is your starter sometime in the near future, thus Ponder has really entered a good situation. His experience should help a little, but at the end of the day this all boils down to his health, if he is healthy, he will be a productive QB.

Interestingly, here are FSU's QBs from 1980 to the present drafted:

Peter Tom Willis(1990): 3rd round(63)

Casey Weldon(1992): 4th round(102)

Chris Weinke(2001): 4th round(106)

Danny Kanell(1996): 4th round(130)

Brad Johnson(1992): 9th round(227)

Danny McManus(1988): 11th round(282)

Jimmy Jordan(1980): 12th round(320)

*Charlie Ward(NBA), Thad Busby, Chip Ferguson, and Drew Weatherford are starters not drafted.

As is well known, our 9th rounder(not drafted today), Brad Johnson, had over 29,000 yards in the league and got his start with Minnesota.

Ponder is probably most comparable to Casey Weldon from that list however of course, he was the guy who kept Johnson on the pine at FSU.

This gives Head Coach Jimbo Fisher the no 1 overall draft choice(Jamarcus Russell- 2008) and Ponder(no 12) as his last two QBs that he has worked with and E.J. Manuel waiting in the wings. Developing a track record at the QB position

Other Draft Tidbits

There was only ONE player selected under 6'0 and that was former Heisman winner Mark Ingram.

Mike Pouncey(UF) gets drafted by the Dolphins higher(no 15) than his brother, Maurkice Pouncey(no 18) who was always considered the better prospect. Food for thought for a lot of guys.

The Lakeland-STA state title game in 2007 might have had 5-8 NFLers. Both Pouncey's, Leonard Hankerson, Major Wright, and Ahmad Black for sure some guys like Chris Rainey and a couple of more years of players.

The Titan's taking Jake Locker was the move that threw the whole draft into a little bit of a tailspin. I watched a lot of him, maddeningly inconsistent, and as I wrote pre-season, I really don't see a lot of difference. Same size, Locker slightly better athlete, Ponder more accurate, Locker stronger arm and Locker more durable. At the end of the day they were drafted basically together.

Mark Ingram falling to where he did just shows that the RB position has been de-valued at the NFL level. Ingram is thick, but not tall, he is also not that fast, but dang he is good. And there is little doubt he will be a productive back. Could also be the product of the spread not producing NFL type backs.

I thought Cleveland had a great trade for the no 6 pick. Maybe that is the piece for Atlanta--it better be--but even IT IS, Cleveland can get more bang for the buck with the extra picks.

Daquan Bowers, wow, the knee injury must be serious. Feel bad for him. Deserves to be a top 10 pick

Defensive Ends from Wisconsin, Iowa, Purdue, Cal, two guys from Baylor, two players from Missouri in the top 10, yep a good opening night for sure.

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