Talent on Rise at FSU

Florida State sent three players to the NFL in 2011, that number is below average for the Noles(traditionally speaking), but things look to be returning to "normal" in the future as the talent in each class coming up seems to be getting better. Here is a look at the 2012 draft and FSU eligible players.

The Seniors

Nigel Bradham: Bradham is going to have started more than 50 games in his career by the time of the draft next year. He has improved each year at FSU thus far and is expected to make giant strides as a senior after playing in this system for a year. He looks to carry a draft grade of anything in the top three rounds depending on performance next year.

Andrew Datko: Another player who will log a significant number of starts in his career, Datko's ability to play LT is highly coveted by NFL GMs. He has good size and a solid, injury-free senior season should put him in Bradham's area draft wise.

Parks is the wildcard in terms of the NFL draft
Steve Chase, Scout.com

Terrance Parks: Parks passes the eye test with elite NFL size. He can run too. He had a so-so junior year, but played a terrific Spring game. If that development continues, he is the sleeper amongst the Nole seniors. His size alone will garner him significant attention.

Zebrie Sanders: Like Datko he has started a ton of games already. He is not quite the prospect of Datko, but he is not far off. He would seem to have found a home at RT and should be taken somewhere in the 2-5 round area.

Mike Harris: Has played mainly nickel at FSU thus far(although pushing for starting job) and that is likely to be the spot he plays in the NFL. A lot of CBs get drafted and Harris would seem to fit into that 3-7 round range.

Jermaine Thomas: Needs to get past the off the field issues, but Thomas has been a very productive RB in his time at FSU. He lacks great size, but has some speed/quickness. Most likely a late round selection.

Beau Reliford: Another player that needs to get back into good standing, Reliford is still improving. Even with the amount of playing time, he will still be a bit of a project NFL wise, but one with some upside.

Bert Reed: The first thing he needs to do is hold off the youngsters as a senior. If he does that, he should have another productive season and would leave FSU with tremendous career numbers. Not very big, he will need to run something 4.4 or better at Combine.

The Draft Eligible's

Brandon Jenkins: Another season like he had a year ago will certainly send him to the league. An explosive pass rusher who is constantly adding weight, Jenkins is what the NFL teams are looking for. Has first round potential.

Greg Reid: His size will hurt him, but that is also true should be stay for his senior season. Reid is a play-maker, if he shows an increased skill set at CB with a strong season, it is likely he tests the draft waters. Can help in the return game. Would hope he only leaves if he is projected in the first two rounds.

Xavier Rhodes: He will only be playing his RS soph season in 2011, but that makes him draft eligible. His size is elite and is exactly what the NFL is looking for. Rhodes had a strong freshmen campaign and the sky is really the limit on where he could be picked. In the grand scheme of things, he could probably use that junior year at FSU. Not likely to be here as a senior.

Nick Moody: The other starting safety is the team's enforcer. His physicality and size will make NFL GMs think hard about him. Could always play LB at the next level. After missing Spring, is he still the starter? A lot of uncertainty here.

Cornellius Carradine: He has not played a down yet at FSU, but we still list him here because of his potential. A big season could send him off to the NFL.

Avis Commack: He is almost like Carradine in that he has not played(for injury reasons however). The buzz is strong on Commack, he has elite size, and a good season could send him to the league. A year ago it would have been hard to think that Commack, not Carr or Thomas, would be the best NFL prospect from First Coast, but it is possible.

E.J. Manuel(QB), Chris Thompson(RB), Rodney Smith(WR), Willie Haulstead(WR), Jacobbi McDaniel(DT), and Anthony McCloud(DT) are other draft eligible players that depending on what happens next year could test the NFL waters.

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