Strength Room Report

In the second installment with FSU strength and conditioning coach Jon Jost, Jost voices his opinion on the NCAA mandated changes for two-a-day practices and players who made an impact in spring drills. "...I think we will be able to be more productive than what we've been in the past in going to this new format," Jost said.

b>Do you think the NCAA changes will be good for the game?

"It will be interesting. You will probably want to ask the football coaches, but I really think the changes that are being implemented for two-a-days will be a positive. If you take a look at what some of the NFL teams are doing and actually what some of the other collegiate teams have done, is go to a format that's very similar to this. During the course of two-a-days, you really a point of diminishing return at times with the athletes where they just don't get enough recovery time and that's where some injuries start to build up and they mentally start to break down. And the grind of two-a-days, having two-a-days as we have known it, I don't know if it's as productive as it could be. I think the productivity during fall camp, I think we will be able to be more productive than what we've been in the past in going to this new format.

"We will have the same number of practices but it's spread out over a greater period of time. As far as the summer time is concerned, what the NCAA is really trying to implement is a period of time where the kids have some time off. Where they can be more of a typical college student, which I do think is good. These guys are spread so thin where they really have very little time off during the calendar year and, you know, they need an opportunity to just be a student as opposed to being a student-athlete. I think most of these guys will do some additional training and some things on their own. As long as they are not going back to their couch playing PlayStation and eating Doritos, I think it will be a positive."

Who were some of the kids who made a nice impression on you that will help carry that momentum into summer?

"In my opinion, the three individuals who stood out the most where Dominic Robinson. That really started with him in January, where he had a tremendous offseason up until this point. He has really developed a lot physically. He's had a tremendous attitude which has carried over to the rest of his teammates and I think he had a productive spring and did a great job. I hope he will be able to continue and be a strong leader of the team.

"Another one was Kamerion Wimbley. Kamerion did a great job this offseason as well and I think you will see him emerge as a great contributor to the defense. We've had a number of others. A.J. Nicholson did a great job at linebacker and I think you will see him being a very great contributor. Chauncey Davis is another guy I think has made his presence known very quickly for a young guy."

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