Fun Facts about FSU

Sealed lockers, the history of the garnet and gold, and the first two point conversion are just some of the interesting facts discussed about FSU.

Garnet and Gold

In 1905, FSU was PURPLE and gold. When Florida State College became Florida Female College in 1905, the players were forced to go to UF(poor them). The following year the FFC student body selected crimson as the official school color. The administration took the crimson and combined it with the purple to come up with the trademark GARNET. The garnet and gold uniforms were first worn in 1947 in a 14-6 loss to Stetson.

Tomahawks can be won and lost

FSU coaches and academic staff award "Tomahawks" to individual players for great plays or contributions on the field or success in the classroom. The academic part was added in 1997. The academic ones look identical, but have the word "academics" run down the handle of the tomahawk. What fans don't know is that players can actually LOSE tomahawks for poor performance on the field or in the classroom.

Sealed Lockers

The retirement(or permanent sealing) of lockers in the FSU locker room began after Deion Sanders senior season in 1988. The criteria are: two time consensus All-American and/or Heisman winners.

Ron Simmons(79-80), Deion Sanders(87-88), Marvin "Shade Tree" Jones(91-92), Derrick Brooks(93-94), Sebastian Janikowski(98-99), Peter Warrick(98-99), and Alex Barron(03-04) have had their lockers sealed as two-time consensus All-Americans.

Charlie Ward(93) and Chris Weinke(00) have had their lockers forever retired as Heisman winners.

FSU Fight Song

The Seminole fight song arrived in 1950 from the Marching Chiefs. Previously FSU had used "On Wisconsin" and "Notre Dame Victory March". Of course, the "war chant" is well known as well, but it is the fight song that is the definitive sound of FSU.

Scholarships in 1951

It was not until 1951 that FSU granted athletic scholarships. FSU left the Dixie Confenrence and petitioned to join the ACC and SEC. They were turned down. An interesting note is that UF actually sponsored FSU for the SEC.

Seminoles first team with two pt conversion

Vic Pinzi, a member of the FSU Hall of Fame and a color commentator for the radio network, was the first collegiate player to score a two point conversion. It was September 13, 1958 when the Seminoles took the season-opening drive against Tennessee Tech for a TD. Pinzi ran in the two point conversion. That conversion beat other national games going on by just minutes(new rule in '58).

Doak Campbell

The football home of the Seminole's since 1950, Doak Campbell Stadium was named after the popular FSU president who was instrumental in the development of intercollegiate athletics at the new university. Today. Doak Campbell holds 82,300 fans.

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