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Lightning and rain postponed Florida State's Friday night opener at Georgia Tech. The game will be picked up at 4 p.m. today with FSU ahead 1-0 and Georgia Tech up in the third with one out. The second game will start 30 minutes after the first. Click here to read the second installment of our interview with assistant coach Mike Martin, Jr. What does Junior like most about his team? "Probably the camaraderie. The fight," he said.

Second of two parts with FSU assistant coach Mike Martin, Jr.

You have three players graduating this weekend – Matt Lynch, Chris Whidden and Chris Hart. Additionally, Whidden also earned his Masters Degree.

"It's really beautiful, because that's what you set out to do from a coaching standpoint. To give these kids a headstart so, if baseball doesn't work out, you give them an avenue where they can do what they want to do. And Chris Whidden took full advantage of being a student-athlete. He was always on schedule, taking the classes he needed to take. He took advantage of the system, and that's what we wanted him to do. We want all the guys to do that. Matt Lynch, Chris Hart, guys who are going to graduate on time, it gives you chills because that's what we are in this for. That's what's about. Those guys have something that nobody can take away from them. They always have something to fall back on. They can start a job to support a family and don't have to worry. Whether it's an injury or things don't work out in pro ball, whatever, it's a credit to them."

Talk about Eddy Martinez-Esteve and his status with a hamstring injury.

"It's so tough to tell with hamstrings. It's one of those situations where he thought he could go (this weekend). He ran in the outfield, things looked great. He did it on a swing. People don't realize his left foot slipped from under him when he took a full swing. When he did, he kind of wrenched that hamstring again. We thought he could go. He thought he could go. It set him back a little bit. It's all part of the game. Chris Hart moving to third base, Bryan Zech wouldn't have been able to play. Golly, what a blessing that has been. He really played well (last weekend). I am happy for him because he could have packed it in. Things haven't gone well for him this season but he didn't stop working. He kept grinding and grinding and took full advantage of his opportunity. I really couldn't give you a timetable to when he (Esteve) will be back. It could be fine this weekend or it may be two weeks or three weeks. You just can never tell about those things."

What do you like most about this team?

"Probably the camaraderie. The fight. Guys generally care about each other and care about this university. We've got a good blend of young guys who have watched and seen how the older guys take pride in this school and this program and they are starting to get that Garnet & Gold in their blood. It shows by the way they play. They don't quit. We are going to continue to battle you, regardless of whether things go well or not."

When you lean on the batting cage and what your players hit, who has the best swing in your view?

"Oh, wow. The most productive swing is the prettiest swing in my opinion (laughing). Stephen (Drew) when he's going good. He can get out of sync like any hitter. But, whe he's going good, obviously that's a pretty stroke. Derrick Smith, who we haven't talked about, is going to play a big part in this has a very fundamentally sound swing. The poor guy can't get healthy as well. His wrist is bothering him. He has tendonitits in it – bottom hand, it's the dominant hand of the swing. He has a very good swing. Again, I am about results. Jeff Bagwell has an ugly swing but I will take him any day (laughing). That's all that

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