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Florida State is a No. 1 national seed and back home at Dick Howser Stadium this weekend for the NCAA Regional. The real fun begins Friday when the Seminoles open Jacksonville, which sports a 10-7 record against teams in the Big Show. The Dolphins, 21-10 since April 1, are 1-4 versus the 'Noles all-time in postseason play. "Any time we step in this stadium, it's fun. There's expectations for this program. I wouldn't want it any other way," FSU coach Mike Martin said.

Q: You play for almost four months in the regular season, and it comes down to just a few weeks of regional play. How do you prepare your team for that?

"It certainly makes for a very anxious week for all of us. This program is not about the coaches. This program is about our young men. We want very much for them to have the experience of Omaha, Nebraska. It means so much to us for us to get there, for our young men."

Q: Is there anything different about this team, from the last two?

"This one is very, very close, as the others were. This one has a lot of fighters – just guys that will not accept losing easily. They accomplished more in the regular season that any team that I've had in a long time. I'm very, very proud of each and every one of them."

Q: The players were really struck by the fact that you didn't yell and scream after losing Sunday to Georgia Tech. Is it because of what they had already accomplished in the regular season?

"They're a fun group to be around. Baseball is a game that can turn on you. It's a humbling experience. There was no need to rant and rave. It was one of those games where we made some mistakes, and they took full advantage of it. It hadn't happened all year. It happened, it's over with, you move on, and it's time to get out here in this good Florida sunshine, work up a sweat, and play some baseball the way it's supposed to be played, in hot weather."

Q: Do you think that playing at home, for the first time in a month, might negate some of the postseason pressure?

"Any time we step in this stadium, it's fun. There's expectations for this program. I wouldn't want it any other way. How horrible would it be if we played in a stadium where our fans were happy if we finished in the top four of the Atlantic Coast Conference, or just made it to a regional. That's not what this program's about."

Q: Do you have a good feeling about this team heading into the postseason?

"I like this ballclub very much. I really like this baseball team. What happens? I don't know what's going to happen. But I know one thing: I'd take this club right here any year, and be very happy, very pleased."

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