Rhodes, Shaw, Brooks Quotes

Wide receiver Kenny Shaw along with defensive back's Xavier Rhodes and Terrence Brooks were made available to the media after Thursday's practice, read on to see what they were saying.

Kenny Shaw

On hearing about ticket needs for the Champs Bowl, played in his hometown of Orlando:

"I started hearing about it after they saw Clemson won.....Hopefully we can get more than we did in the regular season. They already know that I am going to ask for(tickets), so they should be hearing from me."

Whether he has ever played in the Citrus Bowl Stadium:

"None. That's the game that everyone goes to for State. We were always close but we never made it there. I am excited. Everybody can come out and see my play. That's what I have been waiting on."

On being at home for the holidays:

"It feels good just to get home. My parents could not make it last year to Atlanta because it was so far and they had so many things to do."

On facing storied Notre Dame:

"I'm excited, because I've always wanted to play a Big Ten(type) team. There's another Orlando native, Lo Wood, who plays for them. I got a chance to play him in a five overtime game, my last high school game."

Terrence Brooks

Regarding the time off:

"It's been a nice little break. We've been getting a little workout in just to stay in shape.....it's been good to have a little break and get back(time) to ourselves."

Reaction to facing Notre Dame and playing in Orlando:

"I can't wait to play them. That's going to be a fun game. Obviously we don't play them regularly. Just to be in a different atmosphere, playing a different team is going to be good."

"Quite a few guys didn't really want to go to the same bowl......I can't wait. Everybody's ready to play them."

Reasons why defense seemed to hit its stride at the end of the year:

"Pretty much it was just playing for each other. We won't get to play with these same guys again.....so playing for the team and the player beside you; going out and giving your all and not leaving anything behind."

Goals for the team and individually heading into the bowl and looking ahead:

"I'm just trying to go hard in every game and just get better every time I step on the field. I just try to produce every time I get out there, even if I'm out there for a limited time. Team-wise, you definitely want to finish strong. You don't want to end on a bad note. You always want to get that win and see where you can improve before next year."

Xavier Rhodes

On returning to practice in anticipation of the bowl game:"

"It's an important game. We're playing against great players and they're a good team."

Glad to playing in Florida:

"I'm excited about us going to a bowl, period. It doesn't matter what bowl we go to but I'm excited that we're able to stay in the state, being close to both Miami and Tallahassee."

On facing Notre Dame:

"We were happy, playing against a big traditional school--like us--and knowing they're going to fight to the end like we will. We know it's going to be a battle."

On putting in for an evaluation of where he would stand for the NFL:

"It's something to be excited to get feedback from, because you want to know where you're ranked at the moment. You want to know if what you've been doing has paid off."

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