The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This is the time of the year when it should be all good news for the FSU faithful. Sadly, the last few days have had a number of negative stories. We examine the impact of this "news."

The Good

Defensive Coordinator Mark Stoops has chosen to return. Several programs including Auburn made a run at him, but Stoops knew that he has the makings of an elite defense in 2012. However, he will not be here forever.

Florida State is expected to sign junior college offensive linemen Daniel Glauser on Wednesday. The 6'5, 320 pounder will enroll in January and he is expected to immediately compete for playing time. Glauser has a similar story to Bjoern Werner and we can only hope that he makes the same impact.

Last year FSU inked Jacob Fahrenkrug and he started every game this year. While the results were mixed, we can only imagine what would have happened without him.

Travell Dixon will also be making his decision known at 8:00 via twitter. You may follow that at the following twitter username: @ONLY_1_TRILL

Josh Harvey-Clemens will visit in January which means there is a chance that FSU can keep the Lowndes pipeline open. Greg Reid and Telvin Smith are making plays every week. Tyler Hunter is held in high regard within the program. Josh can certainly see that Lowndes players have success at FSU.

FSU continues to be in good shape with Eddie Goldman, Tracy Howard, and Andrus Peat.

The Bad

Is Greg Reid thinking about turning pro? There are rumblings that he is seriously considering it. If it is true, is it the right decision? Reid is a player that it is hard to know---his size is not going to change and that is the major knock. Only time will tell, but it is certainly something to keep an eye.

Brandon Jenkins? All indications are that he is returning, but that could also change. He would be a significant loss.

South Carolina defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson has been hired at Southern Miss. The first name I here is Mark Stoops. Ugh.....

The Ugly

Both Arrington Jenkins and Avis Commack were arrested in the last couple of days for theft. They deserve their due process and have the right to make their case in court, but that NEVER changes the "court of public opinion".

There have not been a lot of these types of things and you can bet your life that Jimbo Fisher does not want ANY.

There are no excuses, but Jenkins is just a freshmen and we all know that young men make poor choices from time to time. It does not make it OK, but it is something that needs to be considered. The question is IF he gets another chance......will it happen again?

Commack is a veteran of this team. He signed with Nigel Carr and Jermaine Thomas. Carr was kicked off the team before his junior season due to a violation of team rules. Thomas has been in the doghouse as well. There are no excuses for him. He has just one year of eligibility left. Seeing how Coach Fisher handled Thomas might push Commack to make his own choice and play somewhere else as a senior.

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