FSU commitments live up to the hype

If receiver and returner Marvin Bracy and the other Florida State commitments that played in the Under Armour game make it to Tallahassee, the future is awfully bright for the Seminoles.

I think the Under Armour game showed why Florida State has more Top-100 players committed than anyone.

The guys that were supposed to be stars lived up to the billing, and some were even better than advertised.

It would be hard not to be excited about the defensive line. Three of the standouts in Mario Edwards, Chris Casher and Dante Fowler weren't just three of the best defensive linemen, but they were three of the best players overall.

Edwards is a guy that I would refer to as an exception to the rule. The rule is that a 6-3 and 297-pound high school player moves from end to tackle in college -- unless he move like Edwards. He may still move inside one day, but he's athletic enough to be a star at any position along the defensive line.

Casher missed his senior season, but his size, speed and strength combination was second to none. Fowler was beating offensive tackles like a drum all week.

In the year of the offensive lineman, it was Florida State's defensive line commitments that dominated the talk and play in Orlando.

Jameis Winston struggled to find his rhythm during most of the week in a fixed setting. But once he was under the lights, his natural ability flourished. He's a gifted athlete with great size and flexibility in his arm and delivery.

Marvin Bracy simply had the catch of the week in front of everyone. If his scouting report says he's a track guy first, watching him turn his body to one side and make a catch over the wrong shoulder should dismiss any concerns about him not being a natural receiver. That catch was a thing of beauty.

In short, it was an exciting night for Florida State fans who are looking forward to getting back into the Top 5 on an annual basis.

Scott Kennedy is the director of scouting for Scout.com and FOX Sports. Follow him on Twitter @ScoutKennedy.

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