Taking the Pulse of TT

There are two things on the minds of Seminole fans these days and they are conference expansion and Seminole baseball. Long-time member of TheTerritory message boards, IndiGONoLeSNBuCKS, talks about the community's reaction to the baseball team's early exit from post-season play.

There are two things on the minds of Seminole fans these days and they are conference expansion and Seminole baseball. Most people have already moved on past Monday's disappointing Super Regional loss to the 2002 National Champion Texas Longhorns, led by the NCAA's Division 1 now-winningest coach Augie Garrido. There is a split in Seminole Nation whether or not we should keep our own record-breaking coach, Mike Martin. That is the topic of today's column.

It took mere minutes after the 6-5 loss until Mike Martin's critics started chirping. They believe that he will never be able to lead the 'Noles to the 'Promised Land' in Omaha. He's had much success leading FSU to many regular season victories, to Regional Championships, and to the CWS in Omaha, but just hasn't taken us all the way through Omaha with a trip that culminates with a big trophy and an enthusiastic pileup on the field of Rosenblatt Stadium. To Martin's critics, if you want to win a national title, one must remove Mike Martin from the equation. However, if you ask people who the person is that would lead FSU to a national title in baseball you get mostly silence, although you may hear Ron Frasier's name whispered by a few.

The other group thinks otherwise. They believe that winning the CWS can happen under Martin, and that those two ideas aren't mutually exclusive. They enjoy the consistent winning that has continued throughout the Martin era which includes an incredible level of consistency in making the NCAA tournament. Of course, they would also like a national title, but they do realize that there are hundreds of teams out there gunning for the same thing. They know that you can't win every game, and that FSU isn't the only team with talent.

Winning a national title takes many things. It takes luck. It takes skill and of course, it takes talent. Your team may have all those things, but they also may run into another team who has got more of one, or of two, or even more of all three.

It's hard to push out someone who has had so much success, yet, there are still a group of people who think that is what it'll take for FSU to really reach the pinnacle of college baseball. Will Mike Martin get pushed out after a season in which his team hosted a Super Regional, went 54-13-1, and had the best record in the ACC at 19-5? How about series wins over teams like Miami (4-1-1), Stanford (2-1), Florida (2-1), Clemson (2-1), and Georgia Tech (2-1)?

TT's pulse seems to indicate that the majority of people want to keep Mike Martin, but the disappointed vocal minority has been heard as well. Some have made their case known over and over and over. The fans of Seminole baseball will just have to wait and see whats in store for us over the off-season. Who knows, maybe Martin's critics will get their wish or maybe, just maybe, they will be proven wrong next year.

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