Is Tallahassee the right destination for Ingram?

Hawthorne (Fla.) quarterback Cornelius Ingram is considered by many to be one of the top football/basketball athletes in the country. The 6-foot-4 and 195 pound standout has a busy summer schedule planned and TheTerritory recently caught up with him to discuss it.

Ingram just returned from the Kerwin Bell quaterback camp which is located in Ocala. In addition to Bell, Ingram had an opportunity to also work with former Gator quarterbacks in Shane Mathews and Danny Wuerffel.

"The camp was real good," Ingram said. "That's the second football camp that I have ever attended. It was real helpful. I got to work on my three step and five step drops. Marcus Edwards was there also and he really impressed me. He's a real playmaker."

Up next for Ingram is a basketball tournament in Atlanta.

"While I'm up in Atlanta, I will also take a look at Georgia Tech," he said. "I'll take an official visit there over the weekend."

Ingram, who admits that his future probably is brighter in Football, is starting to put more time into getting ready for his future on the gridiron.

"I hopeful that I get picked for the Elite 11 camp in California," Ingram said. "I have a basketball tournament at the same time as the Elite 11 camp. If I get selected, I'm gong to the football camp because I consider myself as one of the top quarterbacks in the country and I want to get a chance to do my thing. Someone from Student Sports called my coach and told him that there's a very good chance that I'll get selected."

Ingram, who grew up a Florida State fan, will camp with the Noles in early July during the second session. He is well aware of Florida State's depth at quarterback and he realizes that the Noles are looking to sign two quarterbacks in 2004.

"I know Florida State wants to sign another quarterback in order to make sure someone works out," Ingram said. "There's competition at every school and everyone will get the same opportunity. I know that Drew (Weatherford) and (Xavier) Lee are both high on Florida State."

Ingram is going to sit back and do a little more research before rushing into a decision. He has set no timetable but he wouldn't mind committing when he finds the right situation.

"If I find a place I like, I might commit early," the Hawthorne high school senior to be said. "I wouldn't mind making a decision by sometime in the fall. I would like to sit down and start studying the offense that I would be in."

Last weekend in Gainesville for a photo shoot, Ingram got to chance to see another quarterback that's looking hard at the Noles.

"I got a chance to talk with (Drew) Weatherford last Sunday," Ingram said. "We talked for a long time. He's real cool."

Some of the schools that he's considering are Florida, Florida State, Miami, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, North Carolina, Syracuse and North Carolina State.

All of those programs want him for basketball also, especially Coach Hamilton of Florida State.

"I just off the phone with with Coach Hamilton," Ingram said. I called him up and talked with him for a bit. I got the impression that I could come right in there and play. He told me that if I ever decided to give up on football that I would still have a basketball scholarship with him."

Ingram has spread his time thin between basketball and football. He's considered a raw talent for football. However, he's starting to attend football camps for the first time in his life. Last April at the Nike camp in Gainesville, he started out slow but by the end of the day he was doing as well as any quarterback there. With more time and reps, Ingram could blossom into a top-notch quarterback in college.

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