Walker Weighing Options

Dominic Walker wants to play early in the SEC, and he just may get that unique opportunity at Vanderbilt. The 6-foot-2, 195-pound wide receiver plays at Maynard Evans High School in Orlando, Fla. He has more than 20 scholarship offers from top SEC, Big Ten, and ACC schools, but sees something he likes in Nashville.

"I had a chance to visit campus over spring break," said Dominic Walker. "It was an awesome time. I loved everything I learned touring the university. We got to see where the Titans play. We ate dinner with the coaches. Then, I got to watch a practice. It was intense but fun.

"I liked seeing Coach Franklin on the blow horn, throwing water on people, and playing loud music to try to simulate a game situation. He made it fun.

"The receivers coach told me during practice 'you see what we have at your position. You can come in and make a difference'. The scrimmage was live. People were hitting each other. I loved it though.

"Everyone was very welcoming. I think Coach Franklin and Coach Gattis are great, plus if I go [to Vanderbilt] I know I'll be getting a good education."

Walker made the visit with Alton Meeks, a quarterback from the Orlando area Vanderbilt was recruiting who has since committed to Cincinnati. Walker would like to make a return trip to Nashville this summer for a second look as he narrows down his college choices.

"Vanderbilt, Texas A&M, and Florida State are three schools I'm favoring," said Walker, "but everybody is still in the mix.

"Coach Beaty is recruiting me to Texas A&M. He stayed for my entire practice. No coach has ever done that before, so I know he wants me bad. He made me promise to at least visit even if I commit somewhere else. If I don't get there over the summer I'm going to take an official visit to A&M.

"I'm planning on going to camp at Tennessee and Auburn. I'd like to go back to Vanderbilt, Florida State, and Miami. I'll probably visit UCF and USF as well."

Two of Walker's teammates, Ro'Derrick Hoskins and Tony Stevens, have committed to Florida State. One would think the Seminoles have a good shot with Walker too, but Jimbo Fisher's staff likes Walker in the secondary. He's set on being a wide receiver in college.

"Florida and Florida State both offered me at safety," Walker said. "Florida State then went back and said they were offering me at both wide receiver and safety.

"I want to go to a program with a proven track record of putting players into the NFL. Most of all I want to go somewhere that I'm comfortable where I can be myself and not be nervous. I like to be able to joke around, but also tend to business."

The Evans Trojans fell to East Ridge last season in Florida's 7A playoffs. It was a team they had beaten by four touchdowns during the regular season. Walker said his goal as a senior is to "finish strong."

Walker plays a variety of positions including wide receiver, free safety, kick returner, and long snapper. This spring, he finished fifth in the stat

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