Progressing Nicely

By all accounts, summer workouts have been a positive experience for FSU. That's not even the best part, as <b>Jeff Womble</b> and defensive back <b>Claudius Osei</b> received good news. Plus, strength coach Jon Jost talks about the team's summer progress. "You see more unity. We got to make sure we go into camp in great shape but we also got to go into camp fresh," Jost said.

By all accounts, summer workouts have been a positive experience for Florida State.

That's not even the best part as July reaches the halfway point.

The Seminoles received an added but needed bonus, when nose guard Jeff Womble and defensive back Claudius Osei were cleared by team physicians to resume full football activity with two-a-day practices set to begin next month.

Both Womble and Osei are recovering from Achilles tendon surgery and their progress will be monitored daily. Womble also is making noticeable strides with his waistline, weighing in just above 300 pounds earlier this week. Womble was well over 320 pounds at the start of summer workouts.

FSU has nine more workout sessions remaining before the start of two-a-days. FSU strength coach Jon Jost believes the Seminoles are in position to finish strongly. Attendance has been excellent, though Jost has given the team an incentive to show for workouts -- players who miss two or less workouts will be cleared from varsity conditioning testing.

"They are in great position to finish strong. I'm really proud of what they've done - not only outstanding attendance and great work ethic but there's been a really good attitude and atmosphere," Jost said.

"Last year we worked hard but we didn't always have goo attendance, and we really didn't have a good attitude."

Jost believes the team's attitude has been its best attribute. The Seminoles are looking to rebound from nine losses the past two seasons.

"The atmosphere to me has caused the most excitement, " Jost said. "We've worked hard but there are guys out here having fun and laughing. I think that's made the big difference."

Improved leadership also has been a quality players have said is a difference from last season. Jost agrees.

"I've seen a lot more leadership - some leading by example and some who weren't consistent last year are being consistent," Jost said.

"Some are being vocal so we're getting leadership in all different ways. We're getting it from everybody. Last year, a really good day for us was 65-66 people. This year I think our lowest attendance has been 68. We've averaged over 80 people (each workout)."

While Jost admits his incentive for players to show for voluntary workouts has certainly helped, he believes the Seminoles have taken it upon themselves to make a difference this summer.

"It's definitely not hurting but it's more than that," Jost said of his plan to allow playes to miss varsity testing.

"It's their attitude. This is a continuation of what we saw in the mat drills and in the spring. To say it started here is not accurate. It started a long time ago. At some point of time -- and I don't know if this is true -- but it just seems the way I've seen the players they responded they must have got behind closed doors and talked among themselves. "

"You see more unity. We got to make sure we go into camp in great shape but we also got to go into camp fresh. We don't want to go in with them beat down."

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