New Week, New Test

Florida State had arguably its most significant win in a decade this past weekend as they defeated conference rival Clemson, but this is not the time to feel a sense of accomplishment or relief, says head coach Jimbo Fisher.

For the most part FSU played a flawless second half cruising to a 49-37 win, but there's still plenty of room for improvement.

"It was a great ballgame Saturday night as far as the outcome goes," Fisher said. "I thought we competed in the ballgame very well, and I thought we overcame a lot of adversity. But, I also thought we had a lot of mistakes."

The Seminoles' entered the matchup having committed just 10 penalties in its first three games this season, but more than doubled that number against Clemson, racking up 11 penalties on the night.

Additionally, the Seminoles' had a fumbled snap, and two missed field goals from senior kicker Dustin Hopkins who was perfect on the year entering the contest.

But Hopkins insists this is not the time to dwell on mistakes, it's time to move on and ‘bounce back.'

"I have had bad games before," Hopkins said. "You have a bad game, you bounce back." Like Hopkins, Jimbo Fisher is not the slightest bit worried about his kicker who, as he says, just had a bad day on the course.

"He was just a little bit off and missed a kick or two," Fisher said. "He caught the first one with his toe, I believe, and then overcompensated on the second one and pulled it. Like I told everyone the other day, kicking is sometimes like golf; you see a guy go shoot 65 one day, then shoot 74 the next. It's just those little tweaks and turns."

Although special teams is probably the most complete unit for FSU, first-year punt returner Rashad Greene has had trouble holding on to the ball at times this season, which may be cause for concern as the Seminoles' begin to take its show on the road this weekend at USF.

While Fisher has said one of those fumbles was due to coverage miscues, he also acknowledges that it's something has to be corrected rather quickly. "We've got to fix that," Fisher said. "Part of that problem was we had a blocker who didn't do his job. A lot of those issues go back to we're not holding up like we need to all the time. But, still, there's no reason to put the ball on the ground. You run in there, if they all hit you, it's a penalty on them. You've got to put your nose in there and make the play."

Overall, Fisher was happy with the performance against Clemson, mostly because he learned that his team can respond well when in the face of adversity.

However, a new test awaits FSU with each week of the college football season and now Fisher is eager to see if his team can remain consistent in their approach after an emotional win, and not lose that hunger.

Something that this program has not been able to do in quite some time and will truly show the growth and maturity of this program.

"It's going to be a super challenge for our football team," Fisher said. "Now we need to learn how to respond to winning a game of significance, and come back with a great week of preparation. I think it will show some of the growth in our program, and that's our challenge to our players."

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