Trash Talk

Boston College players only made things worse for themselves in the week of preparation leading up to Saturday's inevitable curb stomping at Doak Campbell Stadium. Let's face it, BC had about the same chance of handing Florida State its second loss as their head coach Frank Spaziani does of keeping his job come season's end.

The only glimmering hope the Eagles' did have was to sneak up on FSU and hope to find them in a proverbial hangover from their loss against NC State - something linebacker Vince Williams said was gone on Monday.

"I feel like the hangover was gone on Monday when we stepped on the practice fields and decided we wanted to kill Boston College," Williams said. When interviewed last week about the upcoming matchup, many of BC's players were right about one thing; there wasn't much talk coming out of the FSU camp that was centered on BC.

There were many reasons for that as FSU coaches and players were taking a lot of criticism for their performance in the prior week's loss to the Wolfpack.

You would think the Eagles' would take that as a sign of disrespect and head to Tallahassee with a chip on their shoulder and see how the cards played out for them.

But no, instead, the Eagles' spoke to the media saying FSU's players had been handed everything and weren't equipped to deal with the adversity. BC linebacker Sean Sylvia had this to say: "They're looking at a national championship and now that's out of their reach, so I think they're kind of down and it's like, ‘What to do now?' Those kind of guys have had everything handed to them over the years and I don't think they can respond to a tough loss like last week.

Around here, we have more blue-collar guys. We have guys that have been through a lot, and we're more equipped to bounce back from a loss or start of the season like we have. We have a mind-set of winning seven in a row when they have a mind-set of ‘What to do next?'"

As if BC didn't have enough problems they essentially threw all hope of sneaking up on the Seminoles' out the window with comments like these, which FSU players were sure to take note of.

Following the 51-7 win, Vince Williams said ‘I think we have some blue-collar guys on Florida State too.'

Safety Lamarcus Joyner added that they already had something to prove and the comments gave them even more motivation.

"I would say that was the wrong time say that. They shouldn't have said that; you never want to talk trash before the football game starts. They picked the wrong time to say it, and it definitely motivated us. We already had a statement to prove."

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