Chris Thompson Out for Season

In his Monday weekly press conference head coach Jimbo Fisher announced that Chris Thompson has suffered a torn ACL and is out for the year.

"He was very disappointed," Fisher said. "He was doing everything right and he's what's right about college football, I say it all the time. But, this game takes no prisoner and is a very unforgiving game."

Thompson, FSU's leading rusher was on pace for a season that the school has not seen since the Warrick Dunn days, when he was injured on a 32-yard reception that seemed to spark the Seminoles' offense.

"Chris opened the game up for us with that play," E.J. Manuel said. "I think that was one of the pivotal plays of the game that changed the momentum for our offense and got us going down the field."

The injury will likely bring Thompson's college career to an end, although Fisher did say that he would search for any opportunity to be able to get him another year.

"Well explore the NCAA if there is anything that we can do. He's never been redshirted, but we'll see."

The most difficult part of the situation isn't how Thompson will handle the injury, because anyone that knows Chris knows that he will bounce back even stronger.

It's more about his presence and leadership that the Seminoles' will miss in his absence as every person on the team looks up to him.

Fisher only hopes that his kids can grow up to be like the genuine, good-hearted Chris Thompson.

"It hurts me for him, it really does. He's selfless, if one of my two boys can grow up to be like him one day, I'll be one proud papa."

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