Bye Week Wrapup

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher spoke with reporter's late Thursday wrapping up the week of practice as well as hitting on some other topics such as Seminole Legend Buster Posey and who his kid's dressed up as for Halloween.

Opening statement:

"Very nice day today, the guys worked hard and we got a lot of things done. Got a little bit of the game-plan stuff implemented in. I'm very proud with the way the guys practiced this week. They bounced around as far as assignments, technique, and fundamental work. Got a lot of fundamental work in. Very pleased."

On balancing the week with fundamentals and game-plan.

Yep, some game-plan, but a lot of fundamental work even going back to some camp stuff. Then we move to game-plan.

In order to keep the players in the same routine for the Thursday night game, Fisher labeled Saturday as a normal Monday. The players will have Friday off and then hit it hard on Saturday.

On ball-security and some of the other main areas of focus

"Yep, we did some ball security, some blitz pickups and a lot of motions. We did a lot of tackling on defense as well as angling and spacing."

Jimbo mentioned that was good to have this bye week right now because you could see it starting to take a toll on the players towards the end of the Duke game. "The good thing about the ball security is that it all happened late. That shows you when the game was on the line we were focused, but there's still no excuse for ever doing it."

Jimbo has never been a big proponent of the "off-day" games such as a Thursday, or Monday, but that having a bye leading up to it makes it much easier to manage.

"It's much more manageable with an off week like this to be able to get some rest and get your mind and body right. It's a much better deal like this. That's the thing about Thursday night – there's nothing crazy about me – but when they come off five days of rest it's much more doable. "

On preparing for the cold and if there is any way to simulate it

Yeah, we need to get some ice out here, maybe get an ice blower or something. That's just a mindset. Cold is just in your head. Remember we went up to Maryland a couple years ago and it was below zero. It's like them trying to simulate heat when they come south. It's part of the game and part of the world. You just have to block it out and play. I think it's easier to adapt and deal with the cold because heat can exhaust you. I mean it will totally exhaust you and drain you. Cold is just a mindset and you have to deal with it.

On Brandon Jenkins' situation. (Jimbo mentioned to a caller on the call-in show Wednesday that he thought Jenkins would leave)

No we have no further comment on that. We will wait until after the season and see how he heals. I have not even had a discussion about it.

On how he handles the players who have a possibility to leaver early for the NFL Draft.

We'll find out at the end of the season - we put letters in to the league and through my sources and we figure it out that way. Then we sit down with them, give them all the information, and our best opinion. But, they have a pretty good idea of where you want to be. We give them all our information and help them make the best decision. The bad part about it is – everybody involved has an agenda and very few people care about the kid, and they all give them misinformation. The key is giving them the right information. I think there's enough trust between the players and us for us to get that information and then do our best to give it to the players and their families.

He said that Brandon is coming along very well and that is foot is healing just like it should be. Another note that we saw was Chris Thompson walking around without his crutches. Jimbo said "It is progress, but it' still torn. But, that's typical Chris." Jimbo also added that Chris has not undergone surgery yet.

On the play of the offensive tackles.

"They are, they're playing really well. You never hear about them. If you don't hear about a lineman that means they're doing pretty good. And we're able to run and pass and get protection so they're really evolving in to what we thought they would be."

On having success on the road like they have at home

"Well, we've really only had one poor game on the road. We scored 30 points in the other two – ‘well 30 and 33.' And played some good opponents. And then you have the Miami game. When you get into Miami you're getting into a (long pause) penalized group of things that was just crazy. But, yeah the NC State game was just the second half we didn't play well. But, you have to get used to playing on the road and it takes maturity to be able to handle it."

On Christian Jones and his ability to cover

"He's a tremendous, tremendous space player. He has a tremendous mix of size, speed, and ball skills. He just has a knack for doing it. In recruiting you have to identify those guys. I say it whenever I talk about recruiting, but you can go and win a ton of recruiting wars but the biggest thing is ‘do they fit your system and what you're trying to do.' You have to mix and match, you can't just have the same type guy across the board. We're trying to do that and identify all the different types of players we can get."

Jimbo went on to talk about Buster Posey and how much he loves him and his play – "He's what's right about everything, I love that kid."

On his Halloween and how the kids enjoyed it.

Yes it was great. Ethan went as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Trey went as Bjoern. Two great athletes (jokingly).

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