UM self-imposes, FSU to face GT in ACCCG

On Monday the University of Miami self imposed a bowl ban, setting up a GT-FSU ACC championship game. But, for now, FSU can only worry about UF.

Early Monday morning University of Miami officials released a statement saying that the university has made the decision to self impose a bowl ban for the second consecutive year, ending any chance the Hurricanes had of playing in the ACC championship game or a bowl game.

Officials called it an "unprecedented decision" to sit out of the postseason for a second straight year. By doing so, Miami is hoping to demonstrate compliance to the NCAA and in return have the committee of infractions lessen the the sanctions that will be handed down when the investigation is completed.

This is common practice for schools being investigated that having sanctions looming around the program. Miami had a chance to make the ACC championship game with a victory over Duke this weekend, but by self-imposing a postseason ban ahead of time, Georgia Tech is now the ACC's Coastal division champion due to its head to head win over Duke this past weekend.

Not that it makes much of a difference, but Florida State now knows who it will face in Charlotte in two weeks as opposed to seeing how it played out this coming weekend. Don't expect Florida State pay one bit of attention to this, though, as its plate is more than full with arch-rival and No. 4 ranked Florida coming to Tallahassee for a top-10 showdown.

When the BCS was released late Sunday night, Florida State fans were once again in shock as to how the Seminoles remained at No. 10 despite having two teams in front of them lose.

Although South Carolina, who sat just in front of FSU at No. 9 last week, was dropped out of the top-10, the Stanford Cardinal jumped from No. 13 over Florida State and in to the No. 8 spot.

FSU players might not have time to worry about next week for now, but you can be sure the staff for Florida State will be getting film ready for Georgia Tech and it's triple-option offense that can be extremely difficult to prepare for in just one week.

In the mean time, FSU fans will be rooting for both Georgia Tech and Clemson this weekend who face their own in-state rival from the SEC. With wins from all three ACC teams this weekend, a victory over Georgia Tech next weekend, along with a couple other "if-scenarios," FSU has a tiny sliver of hope of sneaking in to the BCS Championship game.

While that sliver of hope has around a 1% chance of happening, as this past weekend showed once again, that "if-scenario" seems to happen a lot and that's what is great about college football.

But for now FSU can only worry about what it can control, and that's preparing for the Florida Gators.

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