Change of Scenery?

Eddie Gran, Florida State's running backs coach, looks to be on his way out of Tallahassee.

It appears that Florida State running backs coach and special teams coordinator Eddie Gran will not be returning to the team in 2013.

While Florida State has not officially commented on the move, Gran has told numerous recruits of his intentions that have since been confirmed by Noledigest

Gran is in the mix for two jobs as of right now, both of which would be a step up the ladder. As reported earlier, Gran interviewed for the head coaching position at Arkansas State yesterday, and appears to be a finalist for the job. If Gran is not named the new head coach for the )))), all inclinations are that he will become the next offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bearcats.

If the latter happens, Gran would be teaming up with Tommy Tuberville, who was named the Bearcats head coach last week after leaving Texas Tech. The two have worked together for 14 years and are very close.

Gran's move is just the latest news surrounding the FSU coaching carousel. Between the four members of the FSU staff to have recently left for promotions, nearly $1.2 million dollars has opened up for Fisher to find replacements with.

More to come later…

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